Monday, August 8, 2005

Evergreen Aviation Museum

Yesterday, as a last hurrah with the family before we leave for Milwaukee, we went to the Evergreen Aviation Museum, home of the Spruce Goose (the giant wood plane Howard Hughes, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Aviator, flew just the one time just above the water for a short distance). The museum is pretty much built around the plane. You just can't believe how big it it!
And afterwords we had a BBQ of course!

Here's everyone on the deck to the entrance of the Spruce Goose - Ben, DeAnna, Megan, Molly, Bobbi, Angela, Cheryl, Brittany, Damon, Josh, Kevin, Katrina, Jon, me, Avery and Travis:
Avery loved playing in the airplanes and helicopters:
They even had some his size:
Good fun!

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