Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cows and Cars

Travis finished his last final today, so the boys (me too me too!) were very happy that he could be finished studying. This meant some fun outside with the boys and catching up on some TV.

So tonight we watched the recorded new episode of Simpson's from last Sunday (Travis, and now of course Avery, are addicts). In the episode Bart joined 4-H and had a red cow named Lou. At bed time tonight Avery informed us that he wants to get a white cow named "Moo Moo Cow" from the farm. Then he decided he needed 2 red cows named Lou. And "I want Mommy and Daddy to give me some money to get a cow from the farm, but we don't have money for a cow right now..."
Well, at least he knows things cost money and we don't have it...

The outside fun involved Travis' Christmas present from a year and a half ago, a remote control Jeep. Avery likes driving it, but he loves chasing it and being chased by it.

The Chase:
Carson exploring the ground:Avery, like usual, hamming it up for the camera:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kickin' Away

Last night Travis felt the baby kicking for the first time. We're 22 weeks now and I imagine Travis may have felt Avery and maybe Carson as well earlier than this since he was always trying to catch a kick, but with each pregnancy that anticipation slows down. This time took until I was sure I could feel a kick on the hand before reminding Travis he could try for a feel as well. Now that he knows he can feel the baby, he'll probably still need reminding to do so!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Earlier this week Avery didn't want to eat lunch, so I knew shortly after I put the boys down for naps Avery would reappear wanting lunch. I was expecting this and nap time was early enough that day that I was willing to put up with this. I got his lunch and since I didn't have to worry about Carson I headed for the computer.
When Avery called that he was finished, I was in the middle of something and asked him to wait a minute. After a little while I realized I hadn't heard him in a while and no wonder I forgot to go get him. So I head out wondering what kind of mess he's made in all that silence.
Surprise! He's asleep instead! And this from a boy who's in transition with whether he needs naps anymore! So I wipe his hands and face (with not a little vigor considering he was crusty by this point) but still he slept, so of course then I have to go get the camera. :)
I then had to carry him to bed and he only opened his eyes and became conscious enough when laying down to lift his legs out of the way of his blankets. Normally I can't shut their bedroom door during naps until Avery is asleep (he just wont allow it, and if he shuts it it's because he wants to make mischief) but on this occasion I could shut the door on my way out. Miracle.

Friday, April 18, 2008

"Meet Me In St. Louis!"

So I was really bummed about Skybus going under and taking my trip away. I didn't even think about driving until Travis (in much kinder terms) basically said he didn't want my moping about the house and would I drive if we got the boys a portable DVD player. Ohhh, well that might work... So I went, and surprised my Mom and Grandma who I didn't tell I would be driving. The drive down went better than any other drive we've taken there and the drive back was nearly as good as the first. Many thanks for that, and for the DVD player totally making it possible!!

We went to all 3 showings of Meet Me In St. Louis (the reason I wanted to go with my cousin Jenna playing Rose).

My aunt Darla does the majority of the costumes! This year especially was a feat because the woman who normally helps was unavailable and they added a grade school choir of 40 with 2 costumes each! Altogether there were 219 costumes, most of them done by Darla!

On the 3rd night we were in the front row and I took my camera and covertly took pics and a couple video clips. Here's a clip of the amazing Jenna singing.

Pic with Julia and Jenna:

All the Cabe kids are musical (their mom, Darla, is a great singer too!)
Chris was
-a von Trapp child in "The Sound of Music"
-a sailor in "Anything Goes"
-the goon Travis in "Footloose"
-and the Scarecrow in "The Wiz"
(and he plays the guitar and is an aspiring rock star)
Cameron was
-general chorus in "Footloose"
-a featured singer of the chorus in "The Wiz"
-the bookseller in "Beauty and the Beast"
-and Bud Frump (the boss' nephew - main part) in "How to Succeed in Business"
(and he plays the drums)
Jenna was
-general chorus in "Beauty and the Beast"
-a secretary in "How to Succeed in Business"
-now Rose in "Meet Me In St. Louis"
-and undoubtedly she'll get the lead female role next year since the girl playing Esther in "St. Louis" is a senior this year
This was Julia's first year and she was in the general chorus for "St. Louis"
The 2 youngest Cabe's, Sarah and MaKenna, also got to be in "St. Louis" because they needed a grade school choir for the Halloween scene and they were also used in a Christmas scene.

The 4 girls in the pic above are, clockwise from upper left, Jenna, Julia, Sarah and MaKenna.

Pic with my Mom after the show:

While at the show, the eldest cousins, Chris and Cameron, took turns watching my boys. Apparently one night Avery had quite a bit of apple juice and was crazy, so Chris or Cameron (sorry guys, you'll have to remind me who) taught Avery a new phrase...

"I had whiskey, and I'm a drunk"
PS. yes, this is a Member family, the Dad's a bishop... :)

Grandma Benjamin also had lots of fun teaching the boys new things, like break dancing...

Here's another picture I just really like of Carson hanging out with his Grandma Benjamin listening to secrets and getting some love :)

Thanks for all the fun Cabe's!Cameron, Chris, Sarah, Jenna, Julia, MaKenna

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Lush and the Fiend

These were from last night...

The Lush: Carson falls asleep on the couch before bed time (I love how he has one hand behind his head)...
The Ice Cream Fiend: Avery enjoys a treat (from an odd angle) as Carson snoozes...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drawing from Chloe

My sister Morgan's little girl Chloe drew this lovely picture of our family for my birthday back in March. Now that we've spilled the beans on the baby to everyone, I can share this since it shows Chloe's then prediction for baby number 3! Notice she also thought girl. The dots in the mouths are the tongues AND uvulas! Very detailed our Chloe! Thanks Chloe, I love you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

News News News...

We've been at it again...!

All along Avery told us we were having a girl, and referred to "her" with all the proper pronouns... up until the day of the ultrasound. Then all of a sudden he was telling us "No, it's a boy." Even after we knew but before telling him, he stuck to the new boy theory. Thanks for keeping us confused Avery!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Flights cancelled days before...

I hate flying, we rarely go anywhere more than twice a year, but I had planned something completely out of character...
I was really looking forward to going to Ohio with the boys for a week starting this Wednesday to visit my Aunt and Uncle, and my Mom and Grandma who are also flying in, to see my cousin Jenna play Rose in "Meet me in St. Louis" (One of the main parts if you're not familiar.) We got a great deal on Skybus airlines, a low cost airline at only $159 for all 3 of us!! That's cheaper than gas to drive there, and certainly less hassle and time, especially since driving all day by myself and trying to keep the boys happy did not sound fun. Well, Skybus announced Friday that that would be there last day of operation and Monday they would file for bankruptcy. Thanks for the last minute notice!!! At least I did have a few days unlike the poor saps who probably showed up at airports today expecting to fly. And at least I'm not mid-trip with no way to get home. Still, I wish they could've waited just 2 more weeks to fold... Of course, airline tickets now to replace the trip are ridiculous, about 5 times the cost.
Thanks, Skybus, for ruining my trip.