Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sugar cookies!

Avery and Grandma Hunsaker made sugar cookies - but not just any sugar cookies - HALLOWEEN sugar cookies! Avery loved using the fun cookie cutters again (he used them for the donuts first), but loved decorating the cookies even more!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Look who I caught napping today!
Of course, the habit is nothing new. Here he is with Carson:
And here's two with Avery! This first one was in the first week home with Avery when he was still in his crying instead of sleeping all night stage. Travis fell asleep rocking Avery, it was so sweet.
Alright, fine. He's not the only one caught napping... (that's baby Carson):

Homemade Donuts!

When Travis gets an idea, often he can't let it go. Lucky for us, his latest idea was a tasty one! Yesterday Travis decided to make donuts! He chose a buttermilk donut recipe and a Krispy Kreme copycat recipe.
Grandma Hunsaker snapped these pictures...
Avery rolling the dough:
Avery excited about the Krispy Kreme cutouts rising, and you can see some of the finished glazed buttermilk ones in the foreground:
And this is Carson saying "Mmmm"
Seriously, these rocked. Mom, I'm sorry you had already left and missed out, but don't worry, I ate one (or many more?) in your honor... :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Carson is 18 months

He's 17 mo here, but I just loved this shot too much.
I can't believe my baby is 18 months!
Although we've been talking for a while now about our baby not being much of a baby any more, in the last almost 3 weeks since Emmett was born we've REALLY realized that fact. Carson was our little guy! And then Emmett came along and reminded us how BIG Carson has gotten! Suddenly it's like Carson has put on 50 pounds and grown 5 feet!
So our now-big little guy is
playing with his brother like a big boy,
undressing and trying to dress himself,
doing a great job with his silverware,
expanding his vocabulary,
is an expert jumper and runner,
his favorite game is not just to be tickled, but to "ticka, 'icka, 'ickle" others,
and so many other things we should long since have recognized as signs that Carson has left babyhood.
Carson has a very happy, sweet nature. He loves hugs. Every time he notices Emmett, he has a kiss or nuzzle for him and Emmett's always included in the round of good night hugs. After he and Avery have a "disagreement" (or more like Avery gets a time out) Carson comes looking for a hug to make things right again.
I just love this boy. Those big blue eyes, his cute full lips, and his round cheeks; he's just so squeezable!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Outside with Grandma Hunsaker

Travis' Mom arrived the evening my Mom left, so now we've been having lots of fun with her!

Today the boys played outside while Grandma Hunsaker sat on the porch, and I felt good enough that when Emmett napped, I came out for a little while too (sitting on the concrete porch step isn't super comfortable...)

Avery gave Carson a push around on Avery's trike (he's totally outgrown it, but getting a bike is being reserved for a special gift when we move back to Oregon in May)
Avery's an accomplished rider, but Carson was being nice and decided to return the favor...
LOTS of running around leads to sweaty boys...

They sat on the porch for a bit to rest and I turned the LCD around on my camera so they could see themselves. They thoroughly enjoy seeing themselves and making faces...
I'm such a sucker for these in-your-face shots...
Here's a nice profile DeAnna got of Carson with her camera:
After all that playing, which included shuffling their feet and hands through the rock bed, they both needed hands and feet washed before shoes could come off. While Grandma Hunsaker was busy washing Avery off and wetting his head down since he was so sweaty, Carson took the opportunity to dump all the bath toys in and climb in to play fully dressed Obviously Avery had to join him once he had the chance! Besides, Grandma had to take a break to take this picture!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Face Time

Avery can be such a sweet boy, and he's a very sweet big brother. This is how I found him last night when I came back in the room after a few minutes away. He didn't notice me come up, but then when I took a picture he ignored the flash in favor of continuing his tete-a-tete with Emmett...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun with Grandma Benjamin

The boys had LOADS of fun with Grandma Benjamin while she visited. Besides the cooking Avery did with her, there was also...

Playing Doctor:
Mom said the red eyes were necessary here:
Building a "house" for Avery:
Telling secrets:
Reading stories:
Lots of cuddling:
Riding horse:
Playing "swords"
Showing off toys:
And they even got Grandma to join them in one of their never-ending running in a circle stints:

Thank you Grandma for all the fun!

(saying goodbye before Grandma left during the night)
We will miss you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last day pics with Grandma Benjamin

Tomorrow morning Mom leaves, but her flight is super early in the morning, so the boys will say goodbye tonight instead of at the airport. Here are some pictures we took today on her last day with the boys.
The shirts the boys are wearing are actually from last Christmas when we bought matching ones for them and my sister's kids. When my Mom came out she brought the one my then-baby nephew had worn, so while it's definitely too big for Emmett yet, it was fun to get them all in matching. Plus, Avery's shirt is small, but Carson is really pushing it in his, so by the time Emmett grows into his Carson may not be able to wear his!

I love all the inspections that new babies get...

"Trains" are a constant in my family's pictures, so we tried it with the boys...

Avery and Carson really enjoyed the "train" so once Emmett was safely tucked away in the swing they got back to the business of trading spots in the train and including Grandma Benjamin in the fun...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chef Cooker Avery

Avery has done a LOT of cooking and baking with Grandma Benjamin. I'm not sure how it came about, but they began calling him "Chef Cooker Avery" and of course that meant Grandma became Chef Cooker Grandma too.

1. Instructions 2. "Ready, Set..." 3. "GO!" 4. "Look at me, Mom!"
Forming the loaf:
Cheesecake for Daddy!
Apple Quickie! Made with Granny Smith Apples, not Avery Apples...
As Travis said, "When your Mom visits, there's more cooking and baking than at a Betty Crocker convention!" And oh, are the eats SO good! There's nothing like the cooking of your childhood! You're so fabulous Mom!

Friday, September 19, 2008


I love when babies pull faces. I think they're practicing using the muscles in their face for all the future laughing and smiling, and even frowning, among all the other amazing minute movements we can do that actually have recognizable meaning!

So here we are, Emmett 10 days old, and I captured some "smiles." So sweet, I just love this new little man! To think it will only be a few short months until I can be the reason he smiles instead of him just pulling faces.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Carson as Rocky

Yesterday Carson enjoyed some time with the punching bag:

Avery was in time out because he didn't listen when told to stop punching the bag when Carson was right there. Sure enough, next moment Carson was dealt a blow straight in the schnoz.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Emmett is only 8 days old and he already looks like he's vegging in front of the TV!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Building the Next Generation

We start early with building the next generation of tool lovers...
Yesterday Carson sat very contentedly with his Daddy looking at the Harbor Freight ad, pointing and talking away. I'm sure he was pointing out all the tools he wants...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Carson vs. the Baby Bouncer

Yesterday Carson was very pleased with himself climbing into the baby bouncer seat which was all buckled up...
...until he couldn't get out...
...climbing out didn't work...
...walking didn't help either...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Carson Loves Emmett!

For all Carson's indifference to Emmett when he visited us in the hospital, our very first evening home he finally took note of his new baby brother. He was full of kisses for him!
Here, Carson heard Emmett crying and he came running to give him a kiss!
And today, 2 days since coming home, Carson wanted to hold Emmett. I was surprised how long he sat there. I guess he was studying the new little addition...
Carson has been so sweet about and with Emmett, I hope he keeps it up!

One other note - we're always working on Carson's vocabulary, but he already calls Emmett "baby" which makes that the fastest learned word to date by far!