Thursday, February 26, 2009

A New Smile

Back in October 2007 Travis had braces put on. Obviously it's a lot cheaper to get braces from the dental school then from a standard practice, and with Travis' student discount it was a no-brainer. Besides, who wants to go to a dentist with gnarly teeth? So on Tuesday he had them taken off, but I couldn't post until today since he parents are coming in town tonight and he didn't tell them when they came off.

The upper split-screen shows his smile before and after. Since it doesn't do justice to the fabulously crooked 'before' teeth, I've added the below split-screen. The first shot I took right after he got the braces on.

I would also like to point out that that first shot with the braces was as far as Travis could close his mouth! That was resting!

What a difference!

Yea for a nice smile!

Snow Day!

Last Saturday we had a good little snow storm and the boys got to go out and play while Travis shoveled. I took just a couple pictures outside, but then had to go back in because I knew Emmett would wake up any minute.

Look Mom! Snow!
(You can see where Travis is shoveling, and how
quickly the snow is covering the walk back up!)

The boys took turns on the trike, and each had fun pushing the other.
I love how this shot looks like they're sharing a joke:

Buckets and shovels and tractors aren't just for dirt!

Now I again look forward to the next "jacket weather" type of of post!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine's Party Stories

You can click on the pictures to enlarge.

On the 13th, the boys and I went to a Valentine's party. While there, my friend Ashley told how her daughter Paige decided to make a Valentine's card just for Avery. She told her Mom what to write and where to write it.

Avery's first real dedicated Valentine from a girl! And I think she said that was Paige's first to a boy.

Then Ashley told me another story...

When I was in the hospital having Emmett, Ashley was one of the ones to watch the boys for me. She put the movie Cars on for the kids. Ashley was sitting between Avery and Paige on the couch, until Avery said, "I'll share my blanket with you, Paige."
Ashley: Um, I guess I'll move...
So Avery and Paige are sharing the blanket... Avery keeps looking at Paige... Avery slips his arm around Paige's shoulders... He tells her she's beautiful...
And then leans over and kisses her on the cheek!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please Help Me Win!

I entered this picture in a blog contest for best everyday photo and I'm a finalist! The winner receives a digital photo frame!

Please help me win!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Really Long Commercial

This morning Avery woke up early and came in our room to wake us. Travis sent him to the living room. (Travis doesn't remember that part happening - his memory starts with the following...) Next thing {I} knew, Avery was running in our room all excited, "You HAVE to come see this! They're showing how to make quesadillas! Come see!" We gave some platitudes and sent him back in to watch something so "cool." Next time he came in we let him climb up with us and tell us about it. He was complaining that it was "a really long commercial."
He must be enjoying infomercials.
The one he was watching then was an exercise one, Avery tried to demonstrate what they were doing. Apparently it didn't hold his interest and that's what sent him in with the "long commercial" complaint.
Before the exercise infomercial, Avery got to see "them" mix lots of things in a bullet blender.
"The Magic Bullet?"
"Yeah! They make stuff that's very yummy! Like a chocolate vanilla; that's my favorite kind of chocolate!"
I'm not sure how the quesadilla making fits in on the Magic Bullet but... "You make a big round circle then you make a quesadilla wrap and then you make a big round circle of cheese and then you slice it and that's how you make a quesadilla!"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is it Beer?

As Travis just realized that NASCAR is usurping Simpson's tomorrow night (all the boys are big fans) I was reminded of a funny moment from a few weeks ago. Bad blogger Mom for not posting this sooner.

So, Travis had stopped at the store on the way home from school for me. He was a naughty boy, as he often is on solo trips to the store, and brought home a box of donuts. He "hid" them on top of the fridge.
At dinner, Travis bribed Avery with a treat if he ate all his dinner.
"What is it!?"
"Something Homer Simpson loves."
"Is it beer?"
Asked with a tone of {what? that's not right!}
Now that was a gut busting moment. Don't you judge. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Picture Tag

This is fun - no cheating! I was tagged by Pam.
Here are the official rules:
1. Go to My Documents/Pictures.
2. Go to my 6th file folder.
3. Go to my 6th picture.
4. Blog about it.
5. Tag 6 people to do the same.

So I have to be honest, the rules don't really work with my filing system. So instead I followed each first folder until I had a 6th folder to choose from!

This is Avery, back in 2005, right at 4 months. We were just hanging out in my in-laws' old kitchen with Avery's Uncle Kevin and Aunt Katrina.

I tag: Mindy M., Kristel S., RaQuelle W., Nicki M., Laura M. & Molly H.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bisphosphonates for $500, please, Alex

Bisphosphonates are a class of drug used to treat osteoporosis and some cancers. Without getting technical, the drug influences the cells that control bone and that creates problems with medical procedures that require change in the bone, like oral surgery / tooth extraction (when a tooth is taken out, like a wisdom tooth, the bone that surrounded the root reforms to get rid of sharp edges.)

There are oral and IV forms of the medication. One type of IV form was only just approved by the ADA in August of 2008 and Travis has a patient who was on that. Because of it's newness, Travis had to do a lot of research to find what little was available on the subject.

To graduate, the dental school requires a research project to be done. Travis did a poster for research day. Two of his friends, Guy and Aaron, didn't have their research covered yet either, so they joined Travis in doing the presentation.

Yesterday was research day and they won first place, with a prize of $500! Great job guys! Travis also told me of a nice compliment to his research. An orthodontist had written a paper on the subject and submitted it to a Brazilian dental journal. It was returned to him with a request for more research to be done. Seeing the poster, the orthodontist basically said "Wow, this fills in the gaps in my research. Where did you find all this?" Good job, honey!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Knives and Ice Cream

Considering some recent posts, does that title leave any question as to who this post is about?

This morning when Travis left he informed me all the boys were still asleep. Later, I woke up and all was silent. I was surprised Avery wasn't up yet. Wait. Never mind, I could hear him out in the living room. I didn't think I could sleep through his thumping run out of his bedroom. Maybe he walked.
So I got up and this is what I found:

His Grandma had bought these two mini ice creams for him the last time she was here. They didn't get eaten at the time, and there they've sat in the freezer since... until this morning.
Apparently, the butter knife next to his bum he used to pry open the first container, but the second container was too tight, so he stabbed it with a steak knife!?


There's a few things wrong here...
1. With his recent history, he's no longer allowed to get ANYTHING in the kitchen without asking first.
2. Also due to recent events, he's no longer allowed to take his stool out of the bathroom, yet I (again) found it on top of a chair in front of the fridge...
3. he could reach a steak knife from the knife block kept up there!
4. And then of course there's no eating on the couch.

First, I ask him "Avery, are you allowed to get things out of the kitchen without asking?"
"Oh, that's right, I forgot."
So prosaic.
Honestly, what am going to do with this kid?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jacket Weather

This last week we had a day where I think it made it all the way to 58 degrees!
Avery really wanted to play outside, and even though it was muddy from all the melting snow, I thought he could definitely use some outside time.
He even got to take some bubbles out so he could "breathe bubbles" (for some reason that's stuck with him and he forgets it's "blow.")
Since it's been so long since Carson's been out, and Emmett was sleeping, I decided we could go out too. I found a patch of concrete to sit on where the sun could warm my back, and settled in to take some pictures.
I love the crazy driving Avery puts Carson through, of course Carson loves it:
Playing airplane:
And here's a drowning leaf that was my neighbor on my patch of concrete:
I'm so glad we could enjoy some jacket weather.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Honoring the 5mo Jeep Tradition

It all started with Avery. I took a silly picture of him that my Mom loved (see here). She even printed it and put it on her desk at work. So I was ordered to take similar pictures of Carson (here).
Avery was a few days shy of 5 months, Carson was a few days over 5 months, and now, under orders again, here's Emmett's version, also a few days after 5 months:

He's so adorable:

And so happy:

And so smooth:
"Hey, baby, goin' my way?"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oreo Thief

The other night Travis and I were enjoying some milk and Oreos after putting the boys to bed. We were just about finished when Avery came out. I don't know why because he took one look at what we were doing and gave us a "gRRR" and then ran away sobbing without tears. We called him back in and asked if he'd like us to save the last one for him for tomorrow. Obviously he wanted that.
So, the next morning (yesterday) Avery comes into my room to tell me about something/get me up (Avery gets up early while Travis is still home and I'm a bum and stay in bed until I have to get up with either Carson or Emmett). I don't know what he wanted to talk about, I was too distracted by his full goatee:I already knew, but had to ask, "What is on your face, Avery?"
"Um, Oreos..."
So I get up to take a look and find this bit of mess on the table:
"Where are the Oreos, Avery?"
"I already put them away"
Apparently, Avery wasn't satisfied with the one saved for him, he had to see if there was another package in the pantry. As luck would have it, there was.
He ate an
A THIRD of the package! I wonder what made him stop there. At least he did, and didn't get sick later and bless me with chocolate puke to clean up too!
"And I put my cup in the sink"
You know what I see when I look at this cup? Wasted Oreo crumbs...
Wait, reverse. I suddenly realize something I should have already seen: the spoon and straw and cup all add up to Avery pouring his own milk! I'm glad he managed it and saved me from that mess.
When I threw the straw away I saw the empty Oreo package thrown away, along with a couple Oreo-ified paper towels.
Hmm... He put the Oreos away, took care of his cup, the empty package, and tried to wipe up...
I think he was trying to hide the evidence!
He just forgot the straw, spoon and the goatee.

So, then this morning, before Travis left, I told him to make sure the Oreos are way out of reach. That's okay, Avery will think of something else. This morning I was greeted with another goatee, but not nearly as glorious as yesterday's, so no picture. This morning's adventure was hot chocolate. LOTS of chocolate.

But wait, apparently that's not ALL chocolate. When I rinsed the cup I discovered some animal crackers taking a mud bath:
The "excitement" just never ends.

Oh, yeah, also this morning I found that all my nicely folded laundry from the evening before was in a great messy pile. Why? Avery: "Because I decided I didn't want the laundry to be folded." Thanks so much.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Papering the Basement

Lately Avery has been rather difficult. He's been very mischievous, but not the same sort of innocent mischief like 2 years ago when a friend wrote about him as Curious George (read Here). No, I think now Avery just decides he wants to do something he knows he shouldn't and he just doesn't THINK (or in the worse cases, I think he doesn't care). One conversation with him led to him saying "My heart thinks it's funny to do naughty things." The mischief really isn't my biggest problem right now though. We're having attitude problems with a lot of negativity (and whining and huffing and stomping and growling etc.), an inability to speak nicely, and a lot of demanding rather than asking.
Enough about that.

We've begun to work on packing a little, just stuff that rarely sees use and the like, so we're not as overwhelmed with packing when it's time to get serious. Avery's really into helping with that. Somehow, he connected helping with that and this little bit of mischief yesterday. I still can't figure out how papering the basement is connected... (that's most of our Christmas wrapping paper)
Now, honestly, it's not like this was a huge deal and he didn't get in serious trouble or anything. In fact, all the examples of mischief by themselves aren't a big deal, I think I'm just frustrated and lumping all this together because there are SO MANY instances of brainlessness, or worse, indifference, and all being perpetrated by such an ornery child.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Waiting for Daddy to come home
Yesterday morning I heard a screaming cry that made me move.

Avery has a kid size metal putter. He's only supposed to use it when we're watching, he's supposed to make sure no one is nearby, and we're always having to tell him to keep the club down.

Can you guess what happened?

So Carson comes running toward me with blood running down his cheek. The cut was only about 7mm long, but it was gaping open about 2mm. Luckily, it was just before 9am and I was able to get a hold of Travis. He came home and took Carson to the Emergency Room. The silver lining for Travis was missing his pedodontics rotation.
All drugged up and can't sit straight
Carson was very good in the ER. Travis said the resident seeing him was obviously very young and new. She said okay we'll just put in a few stitches. Travis had to prod with "Aren't you worried about a zygomatic fracture?" (cheek bone).
"Oh, yeah" she palpates the area "I can't feel past the hematoma, so we'll take a few x-rays."
Travis is thinking, hmm, yeah, good idea...
The x-rays were clear.

Thankfully, the young nervous resident didn't do the stitches, maybe she has a great stitch, but she hadn't inspired much confidence. Instead a PA who had to be at least 70 put the 3 stitches in. She would know her way around a needle and thread! And she did do a nice job.
Here's hoping his cheek heals completely, without a scar...

When Carson got home all drugged up, he was very funny to watch. He was past the lethargy, but he couldn't walk or even sit up very effectively. The only word for him was floppy.
Time to change the band aid
Avery took his turn when he was 18 months (read here). Ever since Carson hit that mark, I've been wondering when his turn would come. He made it to 22 and a half months. I'm wondering if there's a trend with boys. Roughly every year and a half to 2 years they have another trip to the ER. After the stitches at 18 months, Avery had another visit 21 months later (read here). It's been 11 months more, so is he due again sometime this year?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Never Shave

Yesterday, in the middle of breakfast, Avery suddenly says:
Mom, I never shave because someday I'm
going to get armpits just like my Dad.

Blog Blurb Books Back

Turning your blog into a book is possible again. I know I posted about alternatives a while back, but Blurb is finally supporting blogger again now, check out the announcement here.
-Thanks for the update Mindy

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

I've been tagged lots on Facebook, and having finally taken the time to do this, I'm sharing it here too.

1. DARK chocolate is the only way to go.
2. While I regret nothing, I still grieve having to walk away from my original choice of education.
3. After my husband, my Mom is my best friend.
4. I want to see the world
5. I gravitate towards music with a penchant for melancholy
6. Since moving to Milwaukee I think Travis and I have averaged about 4 dates/year. Actually, that might be too generous...
7. I over analyze... everything.
8. I want nice things, but suffer terribly at the idea of spending too frivolously. Case in point, there are many VERY nice cars I lust after. Gone in 60 Seconds is one of my favorite movies. P.S. I don't think I'm capable of loving our mini van.
9. I desperately want to go to stunt driving school.
10. I'm very science minded. Always have been. All childhood career choices were always science centered. At least I have that in common with Travis and we can enjoy our dorky science shows on TV together.
11. I would rather always be the one to get up in the night with the baby, than be the one to get up in the morning when the boys get up.
12. My brain never wants to shut up so I can sleep. (Hazard of #7) Actually, my back doesn't help with sleep much either...
13. Sometimes I wish the power of the DVR and Photoshop could be applied to life.
14. My husband is the best man I have ever known. I hope my boys won't ever lose sight of that and will learn from him.
15. Girls scare me. Maybe my 3 boys will get a sister so I'll have to face that, maybe they won't because I'm only capable of handling boys?
16. I'm a silver girl, not a gold girl.
17. I'm entirely too sensitive. I cry a lot. Although the crying has only really been around since my first pregnancy. I wonder if it'll wear off eventually, or if once those pipes are tapped they can't be welded shut again? Even beautiful or powerful things can make me cry, like a great dance routine, or nature scenes, or music, etc.
18. I find colors intoxicating. The saturated, wet green of western Oregon gives me peace. Blues greens and purples are my favorite.
19. I like to go fast. Especially when I can smell the sea and the sand is blowing in my face. I've never driven fast enough.
20. I've developed an obsession with clothes and shoes and accessories.
21. I don't talk to my sister any where near often enough.
22. Having children cures you of any enjoyment in the traveling part of travel.
23. I'm always worried about being a bother, so I suck at staying in contact with people, or asking for help.
24. I like it clean, but hate to clean.
25. Despite the challenges they are, all FOUR (you too Travis) of my boys are the most important thing to me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Layin' Around

When Emmett is laying on the floor, the boys often like to join him. Sometimes they just lay on the blanket next to him and laugh, sometimes they actively try to entertain Emmett.
Here's Carson just hanging out with Emmett:
And later, Avery and Carson laid on their belly's in front of Emmett, probably to have a pow wow to plot against me... But seriously, how cute is this, and you can imagine how much Emmett just loves this.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Morning Secret Agent Man

Yesterday Carson was running around all morning with Avery's sun glasses on. He loves to wear mine too, which is very funny, but that's not exactly a pair I want him running around the house with.

He also began repeating his latest phrase yesterday (still going strong today) as seen in the video below: