Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dear Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy
In this pocket you will find
A teensy tiny tooth of mine
So while I sleep where
dreams are made,
Let's see if you
can make a trade.
Dear Tooth Fairy pillow

I love this pillow that my Aunt Darla made for me when I was a girl and now the boys love using it too. I'm so glad Darla didn't use pink!

We're up to Avery's 9th lost tooth now. Today he could stand it no longer and was stomping around with floss demanding it be pulled.


And quick as could be it was out.



Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cascade Half Marathon

January 15th Travis ran the Cascade Half Marathon. A little production based at the nearby rural Cascade High School.

High Five Dad!


Travis, Carson, Avery



Friday, January 27, 2012


January 15th we got a little snow which was a great treat for the boys and a great annoyance for those of us who have to drive around with Oregon drivers who don't know how to handle the snow. (ie. I got stuck going up a hill behind someone only going 5 mi an hour. I'm surprised either of us made it up since that's no where near enough momentum! It was a long haul of moving forward two steps, skid back one. Ugh.)
Back to the fun.
Emmett snow angel

Carson, Avery snow angel

Carson, Avery


Carson, Avery snow shovel

Avery, Carson

Avery, Carson

Avery, Carson

Emmett shovel

Such a cute little snowman, only about 18" tall.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An Explosive New Year's

The scene
Snowy Willamette National Forest

The set up
the guns

The range
shooting range

We went on our annual family shooting outing on New Year's Eve. I was very happy because it was the first time I got to go shooting at all in FOUR years! I kept having to stay home with little ones.
Shane, Travis, Kevin, Angela, Ben

The kids enjoyed throwing snowballs.
Avery snowball

And made a snowman with Aunt Megan.
Carson snowman

And sliding down hills. See Avery way over there? He's not supposed to be on that end of the hill.

Come down Avery.

While he was coming down, Carson and Emmett climbed up the near side, but we decided that hill was off limits period. The end Avery was on was nearer to down range.
Julie, Emmett, Carson

So Carson rolled and slid down this cliff.

And Emmett followed and then that was an end to that hill.

Avery shooting Dad's AR-15
Travis, Avery

He definitely needed some support
Travis, Avery

"That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!"

He was a very happy boy.

What?! YES, you can have a turn too, sheesh.

Shooting the .22 and Carson is left handed.
Travis, Carson

Emmett's turn!
Emmett, Travis

Also on the .22 and he was way into it.
Travis, Emmett

Even using the one eye to aim.

Snowballing Mom.
Emmett, Carson

Travis and his .40 Glock.

Setting up some tannerite (an exploding target). Sadly, maybe because it was only half full, it didn't blow, so I just have a bunch of videos of the guys knocking it around.
Travis, Ben

Megan with Ben's AR-15. See the bullet casing flying?

Travis and his AK-47. He got a new scope for Christmas that's awesome!

Kevin, Ben and Travis did just a little skeet shooting, but Travis was the one to hit all his. And he had to point out to me that that shotgun doesn't have sights either. I haven't done any skeet shooting in many years, and I just remember that on both occasions I was definitely the worst in the group. I should have asked to try a few.

Me with Travis' SKS. By the way, I really hate the cold. Really, really. So I'm quite puffy with all my layers and snowpants! That's okay, I was comfortable!

Me with Travis' AK-47. The new scope was great on this! Because of it this was my favorite to shoot.

Someone had or had found a metal plate so when it was time to get the .50 BMG sniper rifle out, the metal plate was set up for a target.

You can hear the metal get plinked when Kevin hits it with the .50.

Because the scope wasn't dialed in yet, Ben took three shots working on that and then Kevin had that turn and it had been dialed in enough that he hit it. So here's the hit and knocked down metal, but also the rock behind it all chewed up from the four shots.
metal plate hit

metal plate hole

Then Travis hit the metal plate with his SKS

Travis and then I shoot the .50 BMG. This was my first time getting to shoot it and it was awesome. It really kicks, but you don't realize quite how much until later when your arm starts getting really sore! I can't imagine the soreness after doing multiple shots like the guys did.
Also, they told me to get my eye away from the scope, so I did and then wasn't close enough to the scope to see though it! So I had to pull my head up when I shot because I wanted to see the impact. After watching the many videos of the guys shoot, I realized they were all just as close to the scope as I was to start with! Faulty advice.

Ben had bought some tracer bullets for the .50 so Kevin and Travis each tried one against the mountainside. We couldn't see the tracer on Kevin's shot and then here was Travis'. Listen to the sound of the bullet fly and hit the mountain, it's really cool!

We found Frosty was getting some ideas...
Frosty gun


Goodbye Frosty.

Then of course that evening we got together for New Year's Eve celebration.
I made a layered bean dip that was super yummy.
7 Layer Bean Dip

We shot the cannon at midnight.

The kids enjoyed these things and then our big, full, explosive, bang up day finally came to a close.
Emmett, Carson, Avery

Happy 2012!