Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Spent the Day with Curious George

Yesterday my friend RaQuelle watched Avery so Travis and I could go out for my birthday. RaQuelle's little girl, Sienna is just a day older than Avery, so they have a great time together.

We already knew Avery was related (closely!) with Curious George, but because RaQuelle's escapades with Avery were so extraordinary, she did a write up for me of her experience.

I promise reading it all is worth your time, it's very funny!

I Spent the Day with Curious George

Today we spent the day with one of Sienna’s friends, Avery Hunsaker. He is a great kid but by the end of the night his new nickname became Curious George. Our evening began when Curious George arrived at our house and soon went into Sienna’s room to find some toys to play with. He ran into her room with his arms stretched out and ran straight to the glass princess globe that was sitting on her shelf. I was about two steps behind him and quickly got that put up high before any damage was done. He then ran to Sienna’s framed pictures sitting on her small dresser. So my next task was to do a ten second sweep of everything in Sienna’s room and then it was free for Curious George to play in. Although Curious George soon got bored in Sienna’s room since all the interesting things were put up high. His next task was to discover the kitchen. He ran into the kitchen pulled everything off the bottom of the fridge, including Sienna’s pictures and toy magnets and then he grabbed and opened the oven door. I was about two steps behind to hurry and clean up the fridge mess and get the oven door shut. I quickly decided it was time to take Curious George on a real adventure, the mall.

We drove to the mall in the pouring rain so I decide that the best solution was to undo their seat belts while I was still in the car and then walk out and open their doors and let them out. Bad idea! From undoing Curious George’s seat belt to the five seconds it took me to get out and open his door he had already jumped in the drivers seat and was trying to pull the shift into reverse. I did a quick leap to the front seat and got Curious George and we all hurried inside.

Now going to the mall with my daughter Sienna and Curious George was no easy task but I thought I was up for the challenge. Little did I know what was in store for me. After we ate dinner we headed to potty barn kids where the two kids could play. Sienna soon had to use the bathroom so we quickly found the bathroom. I got Sienna situated on the toilet just when the lights went out, pitch black. I soon realized this was Curious George’s doing and turned the lights back on. After a couple of off and on with the lights Curious George got bored and then moved on to the toilet paper role. He spun it like crazy and the toilet paper went flying all over. I was trying to find a balance between helping my daughter who has just recently become potty trained and still needed assistance and getting Curious George to hold still in the bathroom. I was definitely loosing on the getting Curious George to hold still, that soon became very apparent. I was trying so hard to hurry and get out of the bathroom that I forgot to flush the toilet and just started washing Sienna’s hands and then I saw from the corner of my eye Curious George’s next discovery, the plunger. And boy was he doing a good job with it! It soon became apparent that our adventure at the mall needed to come to a close, quickly. We got the bathroom cleaned up and packed up to leave.

Curious George was pretty tired after all those adventures and seemed to have enjoyed his evening. As for me, I was pretty excited to think I had probably lost 10 pounds chasing Curious George around. Let’s just say we probably will both sleep well tonight and dream of our next adventures together.

After all that, really, THANK YOU RaQuelle!!!

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Wisconsin Willeys said...

Aaaah, yes my Curious George adventures. I just laughed reading over that story again. What a night, so glad I wrote it all down. Will be great to read to him when he's older!