Thursday, January 14, 2010


EmmettI finally exist in Emmett's vocabulary!
His first word was "here" but after always hearing us respond with "thank you" he eventually stopped saying here in favor of thank you. That has been going on for several months and it took a while before anything else understandable came along.
As it now stands, I rank below:
Tank oo (thank you)
Da (Dad)
dree (drink)
draw (drop/dropped)
that (blanket/monkey)
saw (sock)
That's right, I even rank below sock.
But that's okay, because two days ago when Emmett finally called "Ma" to me, it melted my heart! For the rest of the day he called to me a variety of "Ma" "Mom" and "Ma Ma" and it was so sweet.
When he wakes from naps I usually let him chat it out until he decides he's done and starts screaming before I get him. Yesterday, I didn't wait to get him because (it was so cute!) he was calling for me,
"Ma! MA! ma. ma. MA!"


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Mom said...

Would ya look at those baby blues!

Aaron and Kristel said...

He is so stinkin cute!