Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Open Up

Sunday night we had Kevin and Katrina over for dinner and some Wii fun (and the Chainsaw Incident). Emmett is fascinated with little Julie. He was (repeatedly) trying to be a helpful boy and give Julie her pacifier. Repeatedly meaning he would remove it so he could do it again. Thank goodness Julie was so patient with him!

Emmett decided he needed lap time with Aunt Katrina too!

Emmett also tried to pick up and hold Julie and would lay on the ground with her when she was. He was very sweet with her and it was too cute!

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Angela said...

Emmett's about 16 months now right? Well I hope Xander feels the same way he does about babies because he's going to be a big brother just before he turns 15 months! Emmett gives me hope!