Monday, February 22, 2010

I Wuv Ya

Last Thursday, (my first full day back with the boys after being gone for 6 days so I was probably feeling extra loving) when I was putting Emmett to bed I said "I love you" in that lovely sing-songy voice of a mother to her baby and Emmett responded "I wuv ya" for the first time! We repeated that many times over although his pronunciation seemed to get worse the longer we went. Usually I just say "Night, night Emmett, Mommy loves you!" as I go out. What a nice change!

Every night after that (and lots of daytime repeats too) I've been getting him to say"I love you." He's been saying "nigh nigh" at naps and bedtime for a short while now, but then tonight, after all the happy "nigh nighs," I layed him in bed and he said what sounded like a well enunciated, but somewhat off, "Hawaii." Huh? Then I realized he was saying I love you to me first! What a grin he gave me when I responded in kind!

It's been kind of a miserable couple of days, it's definitely feeling like babysitting without pay or damage control rather than parenting. Probably the one exception is how nicely and happily Emmett goes down for naps and bed, so that sweet moment was definitely a reminder to this Mom "oh, yeah, this is why I do it!"



Mom said...

This little man is looking like his grandpa Hunsaker.

Mindy said...

Makes it all worthwhile.

Aaron and Kristel said...

Those moments definitely make it all worth it.. so darling!