Thursday, February 11, 2010

We're Caring Parents, Honestly

PhotobucketYesterday afternoon Avery and I made these cute Valentines (courtesy of MADE) that are stuffed with red M&Ms and a Transformer Valentine (we had to put that Avery boy touch in there).

This morning I'm in bed and Avery comes in whimpering. He sees that I'm still "sleeping" and leaves. He makes it halfway down the hall before turning to come back with increased whimpering. Mind you, he's just whimpering sort of pathetically, so I know the world isn't ending or anything.

"What, Avery." tiredly
"Mom, look at my finger." sadly
"What's wrong with it?"
"It's bleeding."
I look (lazily). There's blood covering the pad of a finger but it's not spreading, obviously he's not bleeding out.
"Why is your finger bleeding?"
long pause
Pathetically: "My finger was under the stapler and I stapled it"
I couldn't help it.
I laughed.
I'm laughing again writing this.

Apparently the only thing that didn't get put away from our project was the stapler. At least he knows better than to play with the stapler now.

I sent him to run his finger under cold water and that cleared it up. Even with a little squeeze no more blood appeared, so he was satisfied with not needing a band-aid (we have a strict you must be bleeding to get a band-aid rule).
Later in the morning Avery says, "Huh, I guess the cold water healed my finger."

Avery was embarrassed when he heard me tell my Mom the story this morning and wouldn't let me tell it at the office when we went to surprise Daddy for lunch. Tonight he finally said, "Okay, Mom, you can tell Dad now."
Was Travis concerned? Nope. He laughed even harder than I did. I promise, we really are caring, compassionate parents.
Then Travis said, "You know, I think I was about five when I stapled my thumb..."

It's always an adventure with these boys!


dana said...

yikes! Sorry about the stapler!
I'm glad you made the valentines though. I hope you ate some candy while you stuffed them :)

Mindy said...

I laughed too. Guess you'll always be on your toes.

Aaron and Kristel said...

Why does Avery look like he is 8 in that last picture???? He is growing up too fast!

Mom said...

I think most kids can admit to being stapled at some point in time. I love the pic of Avery. He is just loving life!