Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Windy Day And Washers

For the last few months our washing machine has been shaking our house down, progressively getting worse and worse. Saturday we went out to look at washing machines and ended up coming home with a washer/dryer set. Cool beans!

While we were out the wind really picked up and at one intersection the line holding the lights snapped free and we saw the fire fighters running after it to hold it down while they figured out what to do.
windy day

Same intersection, across the street, another light had broken free of the bottom cable and was waving all over the place.
windy day

Travis' brother Kevin was out that day too and he saw something much more tragic. A large branch broke from a tree and blew into a motorcyclist, causing him to swerve into oncoming traffic and get nailed by a truck! It makes me sick thinking about such freak accidents like that and of course we don't even know if the man survived. I wish we could have closure on a story like that. My thoughts go out to anyone involved.

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Laura said...

The wind has been so crazy lately! I like the photos you got.
That is so sad about the motorcyclist! That is the only thing that makes me nervous when I drive mine. I'm confident in my skills but it's other drivers not paying attention or freaky acts of nature/road conditions that linger in the back of my mind. Uggg.
Congrats on your new washer and dryer! :-)