Monday, September 26, 2011

The Almost Run-Away

It used to be that when Emmett got mad he wanted to just run. Run away. He also thought it was perfectly fine to go on a walk whenever and wherever he wanted. He was an escape artist. Thankfully I think we've broken him of that. Now when he's mad, he does the almost run-away. He just has to remove himself from us, but he will stop. This was at Avery's first soccer game this last weekend, or rather the second since they play 2 back to back games each week. Emmett was fed up with having to sit around at the edge of the soccer field. Finished with snacks. Finished with playing on anyone's iPhone. Finished with the day. So he gave us a frustrated scream/roar and ran off. And stopped. And plopped. Oh, how thankful I am for the stop and plop these days...

But don't get caught watching him or you'll get some dirty looks and often a raspberry...

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