Monday, August 29, 2011

Girl's Weekend

I just had an outstanding weekend at the coast with some great girls! We had an awesome time last year, so my friend Jocelyn graciously signed us up for the weekend again at her extended family's beach house. And I was extra stoked to actually be staying the whole weekend instead of leaving early this time.

Jocelyn, Carrie and I drove out Thursday and Kari and Becca joined us Friday. We walked on the beach, went shopping at the outlets, had late night ice cream at Cold Stone for Becca's birthday, ate plenty, and talked a truly phenomenal amount. It is beyond me how a group of women can talk so much. And yet we can.

On Saturday we took some group shots.

Me, Jocelyn+Curtis, Becca+baby, Carrie and Kari. We honestly didn't plan the wardrobe, so it was funny how coordinated we ended up on the last day right in line with picture time.

After one nice picture, of course we had some fun!

Can can!
can can

In deciding what to do between group shots, I caught some funny ones...


Hula girls
hula girls

Charlie's Angels
Charlie's Angels

Hm, what next?

I love this one! I bet a caption contest could yield some funny results... sorry Jocelyn ;-)

Fight scene!
fight scene

Pretty girls
pretty girls

Um, wind blown girls? I'm not actually sure what we're doing here. Titanic maybe?
wind blown

Clearly, we had way too much fun! I'm so grateful for such good friends! Thanks Jocelyn for making it all possible!
Alicia and Amy, we missed you!


Mom\ said...

What fun! I'm surprised you all know who Charlie's Angels are. My fav shot is the wind blown/titanic. I think it makes you all look as though you're soaking up the last of the sun/sand/breeze before going back to being grownups.....seaside yoga.

Jocelyn said...

Yes, what's a trip to the beach with the girls without claws, face-making, hair pulling, and a good "king of the world" pose? "I'm flying! I'm flying!"

Thanks for helping make the weekend so wonderful!

Aaron and Kristel said...

How fun! You girls sure are silly.. I love the pictures! Makes me want to plan a girls weekend asap! :)

RaQuelle said...

how fun, love it! ps you look great by the way