Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Halloween Food

Last year I did a couple of Halloween dinners, but they were all ideas I found online. This year, I miraculously thought of two (TWO!) dinner ideas on my own. I'm not saying others haven't done something like this, just that I haven't seen them elsewhere. They came to me on my own. I'm thinking I've limited out on creativity here. Last year I had one great unique decorating idea and this year it's food. I must be done. It's too easy to see so many great crafty ideas online these days that I really feel like it's hard to come up something unique, especially since crafts and food are not my creative genres. I still feel shocked at the unique things I come up with in photography and maybe that area zaps any other creative areas... Anyway, without further ado, I give you Spider Soup and Ghost Toast:

Halloween Spider Soup

Spider Soup: A "nacho" soup variation, ie. anything with beans in it for my kids.

A bloody base (tomato)
Maggots (rice)
Flys and beetles (black beans)
Spider's web (sour cream with milk to thin for piping on)
Spider (homemade tortilla chip)
Additional homemade Halloween tortilla chips via Halloween cookie cutters.
There's a slice of cheese under the web because shredded would have covered the bugs more and made an undesirable surface for the web.

Halloween Spider Soup, Halloween Tortilla Chips

Ghost Toast = french toast + ghost cookie cutter
The kids wanted other Halloween shapes after their initial ghosts, but I really liked the name that came to me when I first thought of it.
Halloween Ghost Toast


Mom said...

There is way too much fun going on at your house.....without me! You probably have monsters jumping out of closets too.

Allanna said...

Very cute!

You're so creative!!!!

Jocelyn said...

Love it! I feel the same way about all the creativity on the web. There's so much out there it's nearly impossible to come up with something new-- so I don't! I just leech off the creativity of others.

I miss seeing you. I need a Laurie fix!

Laura said...

Awesome ideas! So cute.

RaQuelle Willey said...

fun and yummy said...

These soups are so fun! I hope you'll visit and link up at One Creative Weekend on The party is open until Wednesday. Hope to see you there!