Monday, October 10, 2011

Monster Trucks and Military Vehicles

The boys went to watch their Papa in a tractor pull and then watched a monster truck show that the Sublimity Harvest Fest puts on early in September. I didn't go this year, staying home to work instead, but Travis took pictures.

On the way in, the boys saw these Humvees. They had fun climbing around them and trying out all the cool guns.

Avery on the Mark 19 full auto grenade launcher

All the boys got to drive this rig

Then they all tried the Browning M2 full auto 50BMG "Ma Deuce"!
Travis, Avery
Travis, Emmett
Travis, Carson

And of course they watched monster trucks. Same as in 2010 and 2009, so I'll let those shots and videos stand. In the end the show wasn't that great anyway because the last three trucks in a row broke almost immediately. First a big piece of suspension broke and was dangling in the back, then a transmission went, then the third started spewing hydraulic fluid. Oh well, the boys still had fun.
monster trucks

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