Monday, January 16, 2012


Christmas Eve and the boys were more than ready for Santa.
Christmas tree

Yummy goods for Santa and Santa Mouse!
Christmas Santa's cookies

Carson's note to Santa: Dear Santa, Thanks for all the toys. (picture of truck) Carson.
Carson's letter to Santa

Avery's note to Santa:
Avery's letter to Santa

Dear Santa Claus, please will you give me all my toys that I want. I hope you like our cookies and milk.
Avery's letter to Santa

Well, I can tell he wrote that in a big rush, and boy doesn't he sound thankful? Sheesh.

The haul in the morning. Lots from Mom and Dad, a big one each from Santa plus their stockings, and the box full of presents from my parents that came home with us at Thanksgiving. Well, and there's plenty there for Travis and I too. In fact, Travis wrapped several things for himself this year which was really funny after he had previously laughed at me for handing him two things I bought myself for him to wrap for me.
Christmas morning

I love all their shocked and amazed faces!
Christmas morning

Santa ate the cookies!
Santa ate the cookies

One of the things the boys were absolutely convinced they would get for Christmas was fish in the little tank we've had sitting in the garage for forever. We told them that wouldn't happen until we found the right piece of furniture for the house for it to sit on. So here they are excited to see the tank on the counter (being checked for water-tightness) and Travis is pointing out that they should look around... and the ensuing dancing...
fish tank

...because there's the right piece of furniture. Except neither that nor that tank is what's there now, but that will be a future post.

Time to open stockings. They all got coal from Santa. They were chocolate covered candy cane pieces though. After some wondering about it, we told the boys we thought maybe that was a warning from Santa that they weren't so naughty to warrant real coal, but maybe they have some work to do before next year...

"Look Mom!"

This is what Emmett was excited about, along with his brothers and they all promptly and simultaneously decided to change.
OSU shirts

Hot wheels were big on all the boys' list this year, but I love the holding aloft of the coveted Cars 2 movie.

Angry birds that they can use to improve their throwing abilities without too much damage to my house (I hope). They each got their own bird and then a shared gift of one of the pigs to aim at.
Carson, Emmett, Avery

Travis liked the wrapping on this gift from my parents... and he and Avery enjoyed one of several shared gifts relating to their new gold hobby.
Travis, Avery

I got Travis this, uh, pickax? for their prospecting and he immediately obliged us all with a Yukon Cornelius gesture.
Carson, Avery, Travis

Here Avery had to try on another of the shirts he got, is oooing over a light up car, and sitting smugly with his new GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America) hat. Santa got Avery this awesome squid and sub toy he's been wanting.

One of Carson's big highlights was a Star Wars sticker activity book. I love all his faces. His best friend Theo is really big into Star Wars and has this book too, so of course Carson wants to find out all about Star Wars. Santa also brought the family the complete Star Wars movies which we didn't have, so now my boys are actually finding out about the cultural phenomenon. We've watched episodes 4-6 so far, and Carson has begged for the next one between each viewing.

Emmett got a big dinosaur from Santa and the boys all got a big box full of books that belonged to me as a kid.
Emmett, Avery, Carson

Christmas evening we went to Travis' parent's for Christmas dinner and gifts. They had a monster tree this year!
Christmas tree

This Thomas the Train set was a big hit for Emmett.
Emmett, Avery, Carson

These puzzles for Carson have been done dozens of times by him already. He's such a puzzler.

Avery-the-future-dentist was excited about this play-doh drill n' fill set. Carson's also been big into "bajas" as he calls them so was really excited to get this remote control car. Each of them got a remote control car and they've been driven all over the house over and over.
Avery, Carson

Grandma had the boys' pictures taken in theses this OSU gear and Carson was excited to find it all given to him and immediately put it on.

Avery soon found his and immediately began posing for pictures.

So Carson had to try and pose too.
Avery, Carson

And finally Emmett found his gear.

The last present they opened was a basketball hoop which will be great for Avery to practice with since he's in a basketball league right now.
Avery, Carson

What a merry, fun Christmas! Hope yours was as fun, and silly, as ours was!


Jocelyn said...

How fun! I LOVE all the OSU gear! Go beavs!!
I also like how you hung your stockings on the banister of the stairs. It makes me wish I had stairs in my house. Looks like a very merry Christmas.

Mom said...

Love the photo of boys gazing up at the tree and of shocked and amazed faces...each face so different. I can just about hear Emmmett saying 'Holy cow, you guys were right!'

Why is it that little boys who dance with glee in the kitchen grow up and say they don't like to dance?

I love that each Beaver cap is different.

And then there is Emmmett who wants to be a gift and will wrap himself.

Yukon Cornelius always knows what's up.

Where is the photographer???? Need at least one Christmas pic of her.