Friday, January 27, 2012


January 15th we got a little snow which was a great treat for the boys and a great annoyance for those of us who have to drive around with Oregon drivers who don't know how to handle the snow. (ie. I got stuck going up a hill behind someone only going 5 mi an hour. I'm surprised either of us made it up since that's no where near enough momentum! It was a long haul of moving forward two steps, skid back one. Ugh.)
Back to the fun.
Emmett snow angel

Carson, Avery snow angel

Carson, Avery


Carson, Avery snow shovel

Avery, Carson

Avery, Carson

Avery, Carson

Emmett shovel

Such a cute little snowman, only about 18" tall.

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Mom said...

Looks like Emmett has the hang of snow angels this year.
Great capture of Avery's shot to Carson's head.