Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cape Meares, The Octopus Tree And The Lighthouse

After we left the beach we drove up to Cape Meares to check out the Octopus Tree.
Cape Meares

On the path to the Octopus Tree. Carson and Emmett are doing superhero poses.
Carson Emmett, Avery

Whoa, that is one cool tree!
Octopus Tree

The sign with the fascinating info on this mystery tree.
Octopus Tree

Just past the Octopus Tree is another view of the coastline and Three Arches Rocks.
Travis, Emmett, Carson, Avery

Can you imagine owning one of those two homes up on the cliffs?

One more stop at the tree on the way out.
Avery, Carson

Then we went to visit the lighthouse. The red in the distance is part of the light.
Avery, Carson, Emmett

We had to pause for a look up the north side of the coastline.
Oregon Coast

Cape Meares Lighthouse
Cape Meares Lighthouse

Travis, Emmett, Avery, Carson, Cape Meares Lighthouse

We walked back to the parking lot along the other path that overlooks the coast to the south

Which allows for another shot of Three Arches Rocks.
Three Arches Rocks

Then it was really time to leave... Until we spotted some Great Blue Heron all over in Netarts Bay and Travis stopped so I could take some pictures.
Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

When the one I was stalking finally flew away I scrambled out of the brush and we were finally headed home. What an outstanding day!
Great Blue Heron

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