Thursday, April 12, 2012

Carson's 5th Birthday Party

Carson is getting so old! His birthday party was the Sat before Carson's birthday back in March. Here's the Star Wars birthday party invite I made for him.
Star Wars invite

And here's the Star Wars cake I made for him.
Star Wars cake

I thought it would be fun to match the theme of the invite and cake.
Star Wars cake and invite

We also had Star Wars light saber pretzels and Yoda punch (which I didn't take a picture of, but it was limeade with extra green food coloring).
Star Wars light saber pretzels

I had red balloons for everyone to color their own Darth Maul heads.

Emmett looks really old to me here...

And he's writing his own name, how did my baby get so old?

Avery and Carson show off their Darth Maul heads.
Avery, Carson

We also made these foam light sabers for everyone to have one and I had Carson take a picture with each guest. Carson was really into the feeling of these shots.
Carson, Emmett, Julie

Avery was last and he and Carson automatically engaged in a light saber fight, but get this: they did it in slow motion! I guess they wanted me to take lots of pictures?
Avery, Carson

The fight ended in a simultaneous slaying.
Avery, Carson

Darth Vader made an appearance...
Darth Vader

... but all the Jedi Knights took him out.

Carson received lots of awesome Star Wars gifts that he loved



Time for cake!

And every guest received a thank you note with their own picture. This is Carson's bestest best ever best friend. Seriously, the two are attached at the hip. Theo wasn't there yet when we took the other pictures so I got this one of the two of them the other day during one of our regular play dates.
Star Wars thank you

Today I took him in for his 5 year checkup and he was 45" tall which is 86% and 54.5lbs which is 78%. This office is so precise with the percentages! He's a healthy, happy kid!

Happy Birthday Carson, we love you!

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