Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Embarrassing Story And A Cop Car

A slightly embarrassing story.

On the 8th I was on the Mall of the Oregon State Capitol Building to photograph a wedding couple. When I'm carrying my photography stuff, I don't carry my purse or big fat wallet, instead I put my drivers license and debit card in my photography bag. Except on the 8th I didn't. Apparently I only put them in the small, slick pocket of my slacks. No wonder they disappeared.

Salem Oregon State Capitol Building, Sprague Fountain

Later, after the wedding, I retraced my steps to no avail. So I had my debit card canceled and dreaded a trip to the DMV later on and possibilities of identity theft. But that afternoon I received a call from a state trooper.

"*GASP* Did you find my stuff!?!?"

Probably taken aback at my exuberance he started speaking with just a "...well..." and in that moment I had a terrible flash of conscience and leaping of my heart as I wondered if this state trooper was actually calling to tell me my husband had been smeared on the highway since he was out driving his motorcycle at the time...

"...well... I do have two cards here..."

*Oooohhh, thank goodness, be still my beating heart... and hallelujah he has my stuff!*

Turns out one of our state representative's wife was out strolling the lovely grounds and spotted my stuff. So the trooper arranged to stop by the house the following day to return them to me and give me the state rep's info.

The state trooper was great! He gave the boys a tour of his cruiser including showing them what all those buttons are for.
Avery, Emmett

And when they sat in the back, we all reminded them that this ought to be the only time they're ever in the back of one of these rigs! Avery has his arms behind him testing out the arm space for a cuffed bad guy.
Avery, Emmett, Carson

And before the trooper left, Emmett got to turn on all the lights.

So on Monday the boys and I took a trip down to the capitol building to deliver to the Good Samaritan herself a framed 8x10 of this cherry blossom picture that I had taken that fateful day. After all, it's because of the cherry blossoms that she was out on the grounds. How thankful I am for kind people! I would have liked to take pictures of the boys in and around the capitol building as it was very neat to go through and show to them, but Emmett was a complete pill and could not be let go of. I'll have to return sometime with just Avery and go for the tour.
cherry blossoms

Keep an eye out, I'm sure I'll have more blossom pictures on Laurie Marie Photography soon. In the meantime, the pictures of the couple I was photographing that day are up there now.


CarrieM said...

What an awesome end to the story! I loved the photographs too.

Mom said...

Okay Laurie my dear.....I need that cherry blossom photo. We will have to discuss size, framing and matting....I LOVE it!!!!
The boys are cute too....thought I better add that since I'm their grandma....great story, fun for the boys....but ohhhhh, that picture!!!!