Sunday, April 10, 2011

Carson's 4th Birthday

We had Carson's 4th birthday party the last weekend of March. All the family came over and we had dinner then it was time for Carson to open gifts.
We asked Carson for a smile and he gave us this cheesy grin. He showed zero curiosity about the blanket covered something.

Then the other two lined up with Carson.
Avery, Emmett, Carson

"Two new puzzles!" (And those weren't all. He's such a good puzzler!)

Carson makes these funny faces and I managed to capture one.

This caused some definite excitement, but he was still oblivious to the blanket covered object...

This Mac opens up and lays out different scenes to play on.

A good laugh at the card Uncle Kevin and Aunt Katrina got Carson.

When he finished all the gifts he thought he was done. Still he was clueless about the blankets. With prompting he unveiled...





Then it was time for cake. Aunt Angela had been working on her cake decorating skills for a cousin's wedding with a cake for Julie, Avery and of course her own daughter Alli, and while the wedding has come and gone, she still wants to work on it. That's great for us since she volunteered to do Carson's cake and took that weight off my shoulders. I had wanted to make a Lightning McQueen cake and she took that and ran!
Lightning McQueen cake

Lightning McQueen

Cars cake

Time to blow out the candles! (With a little help from the sidelines)

Happy Birthday Carson!


Jocelyn said...

I can't believe he's 4! To me, he'll always be that little Carson who was my buddy in nursery.

What amazing cakes!

Jodee Luke said...

Ah I love his expressions!

RaQuelle said...

Happy birthday Carson and great job on the cake!

Angela said...

Awesome cake. He and Ammon would've gotten along so well...still bummed we all got sick while I was in Oregon. I hope he loves his bike and had a great Birthday.