Monday, August 15, 2011


Travis' birthday was on the 8th so on Sunday the 7th we got together as a family and celebrated his birthday and Katrina's birthday whose was on July 27th but we were gone doing our scuba training that weekend.

Last minute, DeAnna wanted a family picture, so we may be all uncoordinated, but at least we're all there and smiling. Well, most of us are smiling. And the kids aren't encrusted with cake and ice cream yet, so it'll do.

In honor of the new scuba obsession and also of Shark Week on Discovery (which had just run), Angela made this outstandingly awesome cake.
scuba cake

Emmett helped with the candles of course.

It was really really good cake too!

These boys crack me up. Who knows what Damon and Avery are doing, and clearly Carson is catching on to what Emmett is doing, and in all I'm wondering if it's possible to catch a nice moment of that many boys all being nice... or normal?
Emmett, Damon, Avery, Carson

Emmett, you're a mess.

Time for presents! Katrina got this firepit which will be great for their deck.

And Travis got... can't you just hear the "OOooo!"

A titanium (meaning very light weight and all the other best qualities) scuba knife. Please excuse his I-may-have-cake-in-my-teeth smile.
Travis scuba knife

Travis didn't get a present to open from me... because he got to order his custom dry suit for his birthday. We cannot wait for that to come in so we can get back in the water. (Travis is rightfully sick of getting cold) So, a big happy birthday Travis!


Laura said...

LOVE that cake!!

Mom said...

Do dentists get cake in their teeth?

Aaron and Kristel said...

I am a fan of Travis birthday 8-8 is a great day for a birthday! ;) That cake is super amazing, and speaking of amazing you look fabulous in the family pic up top! :)