Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jocelyn Sees Blue

After two girls, my friend Jocelyn is having a boy, and since boy is something I'm certainly familiar with, I threw a shower for her.

Unfortunately, in the distraction of actually running the shower, I managed to leave my camera inside until we were just about done and it was getting dark!
baby shower

I went with a bird theme.

Did you know Hershey's makes cookies and creme kisses... and that they come in light blue wrappers? I didn't, until I saw a bag when perusing candy bars for game prizes. Nor did I know that there was such a thing as York Pieces and that they were blue and white. Perfect! Sadly, it wasn't until about 15 minutes after the last guests left that I realized my blueberry yogurt covered pretzels and cinnamon yogurt (white) covered pretzels were still in the pantry. I knew I was forgetting something! The simple table I planned had seemed even more simple than I thought it would be.
food table

Chocolate or butterscotch dipped chow mein noodles make cute nests with yogurt covered raisins for eggs.
bird nests

Mini cinnamon rolls don't quite look so nest like, but I still gave them cream cheese frosting "eggs."
cinnamon roll nests

A simple diaper cake. Doesn't this remind you a little of the carnival game where you try to shoot the moving ducks down?
diaper cake

Yea for baby boys! Congratulations Jocelyn!
Laurie, Jocelyn

And, yes, I did dress like the theme... blue shirt... birds... Just call me cheesy.


Jocelyn said...

It was a wonderful baby shower, and you did such a great job with it. Thanks so much, Laurie!

Laura said...

CUTE shower!!

Aaron and Kristel said...

Great job on the baby shower! You did a great job :) Love the nest!