Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Berry Sad Emmett

The day of Avery's jog-a-thon, right before Carson and Emmett and I left to go cheer on Avery, I found that the grape container had been emptied... all over the family room floor. Thankfully, none had been smashed, but their was no time to clean it up. When we got home, Emmett had to clean up all the grapes. Later, that afternoon I found Emmett like this.

Apparently he decided the grape container needed a refill as he'd eaten most of them and he thought some frozen blueberries would be a good choice. Apparently blueberries un-freeze and become a juicy mess very quickly when they're being manhandled by a three year old.

Yeah, you better cry, you're in big trouble mister. There's even some in his hair.

And his ear?! What a mess. And that shirt collar is obviously a lost cause.

But Emmett wasn't alone, Carson was in on it too, he just didn't make as much a mess of himself. The "stache" on Carson makes him look kinda creepy actually...
Emmett, Carson

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Aaron and Kristel said...

Oh Emmett.. oh Emmett.. One day if he gets a boy just like him he will totally love you that much more.. he keeps us all laughing thats for sure! ;)