Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goodbye Halloween

I'm going to throw all the Halloween related stuff into this post...

The kids enjoyed decorating cupcakes of course. We did this on one of our weekly playdates with Carson's best friend Theo. I love the concentration going on here.
Theo, Emmett, Carson

Theo, Carson

And Avery got to decorate one when he got home from school. And then of course the next few days were filled with decorating the last of them. The other treat I made this year was pumpkin shaped brownies with candy corn faces. They were super cute and the kids were disappointed I was giving them away.

Besides the Spider Soup and Ghost Toast, another Halloween dinner I did was the same as last year, but I added witch fingers to the mummy dogs, Frankenstein toes and mummy pizza (which was left in the oven too long this year and didn't look as good this time, so I chose the weird face to photograph). And yes, my kids love witch fingers.
Halloween Food

For Halloween night Avery was Optimus Prime again, Carson was Bumblebee (which Avery was two years ago) and Emmett was Buzz Lightyear (which Carson was last year). All their choice, so I didn't have to bother buying new stuff this year. Post-Halloween I hit up the clearances and got a variety that they can all choose from next year. Besides, Carson and Emmett especially like to wear costumes on a regular basis so I thought I'd give them more options to beat up. Since then Emmett has spent most of his time as Buzz or Batman and Carson has spent a decent amount of time as Frankenstein. Cousin Alli went trick-or-treating with us as a good witch.
Avery, Alli, Carson, Emmett

Trick-or-treating was the best yet this year. Last year Emmett got tired and had to be dropped off at home. This year not only did Emmett last the whole time, but we went further than ever before and no one complained even once about 'heavy' candy bags. The extra bag I brought to lighten their loads for them stayed empty. Here we are at the end, trick-or-treating our house.

And now, as requested by my Mom, just like last year, here's the Halloween decorations. Well, much of it is the same as last year, including my favorite the hanging bells from the entry light, but here's the new/changed stuff.

In the mirror reflection the signs on the dining room light are the same, but we have some homemade spiders added to the family room light. I set up a Halloween mantle instead of just a fall mantle. I need a couple taller things...

Now my fall mantle of last year is back up but instead of the candles of last year I kept the hurricane candle on the Halloween mantle in place and stuck the H on the other end.

My favorite parts were the parts... body parts that is.

The living room. I do have a large print that's supposed to be on the wall, but the frame I bought still needs to be exchanged...
living room

This stuff on the stairs made the room feel too busy, but the kids loved it when I started putting them up, so I let be and I'll have to come up with some other place for these next year. I did like the barbed wire on the banister though.

The front porch was similar, but we ended up with more pumpkins this year...

...and a lot more Indian corn, so I put them in a pretty basket on the porch. The husks seem too dominating, so I'll probably rethink this next year.
indian corn

And that's about it. Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


Mom said...

The mirror over your mantle is perfect for every season. Good use of the basket for the Indian corn. The skull and witch fingers on the mantle or pretty awesome. Did anyone try to put the eye balls into the skull? You home just looks so inviting.

Aaron and Kristel said...

I love your decorations! I love Halloween and its seems to be a favorite holiday at your house too. :)