Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Snow

Finally, some real snow!

Although the timing could have been better (read: earlier in winter!) Considering how awesome the weather was for my birthday a couple weeks before, this snow is rather depressing!

This snow started in the early hours of last Wednesday and fell heavily all day. Because the schools had already had two cancelled days due to snow, they really didn't want to do another so Wednesday was just a delayed start day when of all the days it should have been the only one cancelled! Sheesh. Lucky for them Thursday and Friday were already designated no school days for conferences. These pictures are from Thursday, which by then was a lot better, but on Wednesday the roads stayed slick because it was just falling too heavily for the traffic to keep it melted. And I was out Wednesday night when I probably shouldn't have been. It was a true winter wonderland and the roads were the worst I remember seeing them for Salem.

Carson didn't really feel like going out, so he happily played snowball target for Avery and Emmett.
Carson, Avery

Avery and Emmett finally got to make a decent sized snowman. Good thing we had carrots!
Avery, Emmett

And Carson still didn't feel the need to go out, even to help with the snowman.

I mentioned to Avery that next time if put the snowman closer to the patio it would be more in the shade of the house and last longer. Next thing I knew the kid was disassembling his snowman and moving him.

The boys had just come in to have some lunch when  we got a call from Grandma to hurry out to their house and the boys could have a ride on the sleigh before Megan put her horse Vegas back up. So we left lunch and hurried. When we got there Vegas wasn't ready yet, so they got to play in the deeper snow at Grandma's for a while first.
snowy creek

They had rides in the Ranger...
Carson, Emmett, DeAnna

And Avery figured out they could climb the pile of tree limbs from the trees Travis has been helping to cut down and clear out for the makeover of the backyard.

Avery, Alli, Emmett

It made a good slide.

Katrina nailing Carson in the head with a snowball. Nice shot, Katrina.
Carson, Katrina, Emmett, Julie

Finally Vegas was hooked up and drove out.

While Megan let Vegas acclimate to the sleigh and the snow, Katrina hauled Avery down in the snow. Nice work again, Katrina.
Carson, Emmett, Katrina, Avery, Alli




Unfortunately, when Megan drove Vegas over, we were informed that the snow was too dense and wet so that the sleigh didn't ride over it properly, didn't want to turn and was digging into Vegas' sides. So the kids each just got to sit up there and get a picture.
Carson, Emmett, Avery

Carson, Emmett, Avery, Megan

It's bright, Mom.
Carson, Emmett, Avery

I'm glad the kids got to have a good snow this year, but here we are almost to April and I'd say we can be very done now...


CarrieM said...

A sleigh ride--wow your kids must just been in heaven there!

Mom said...

Some kind of blue eyes Carson has there. That really was a lot of snow for Salem. Looks like it should be December.