Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carson's 5 And The Big Fort

Today is Carson's birthday! His party's over (post coming) but tonight he gets to choose what restaurant he wants for dinner (it'll be Red Robin) and he'll get a couple more gifts from Mom and Dad.

Since we still had all the borrowed chairs from Carson's party over the weekend the boys started making a fort and I helped them make it the biggest they've ever had. It was a nine-chair fort complete with a back door, wall to wall carpeting, a pillowed front walkway and outfitted with lots of stuffed friends.
Carson, Emmett, Avery

Here are the attempts at a nice picture of them all. Emmett was too busy giving wild poses, making these more fun than just three smiling faces.
Emmett, Avery, Carson

Avery, Carson, Emmett

Avery, Carson, Emmett

Avery, Carson, Emmett

Avery, Carson, Emmett

We can't believe you're already 5 Carson! You're getting so old! From starting to read several months ago to finishing pre-school and our having to send you off to school this fall for Kindergarten, we just can't believe how much you've grown! But you're still our sweet Carson, my favorite shopping buddy and you still crack us up with your crazy thoughts and comments all the time.

We love you! Happy Birthday!

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Mom said...

NIIIICE fort! I'm coming to stay. I'll take a room by the back door. I'll have Avery Cakes for breakfast.