Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chewy Snow Day

This is how Emmett decided to get ready to go out in the snow today. In a size 18mo (he wears size 4-5 now) Chewbacca costume (from Star Wars) that he wore as a 1yr old (seen here), with Mickey Mouse Christmas socks for gloves and his frog rain boots...

Look at me, Mom!
No, Emmett, you can't go out like that.
Chewbacca Snow

And Emmett was so annoyed with my not letting him out like that that he didn't go out at all.

See that tiny amount of snow? Yup, school cancelled. See the sun? Yup, easy meltdown on the streets for no problem driving. Oh, well.
Avery, Carson

And here's Carson, the only one who actually owns proper snow boots, getting cold legs because he doesn't like to bother with his boots.

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