Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Morning in Salem

After driving from Spokane to Salem, we spent our first night in our new place on Thursday, May 21. Friday morning the boys were up at 6am. Since Travis had just endured a miserable 4 days driving from Wisconsin, I let him sleep in. At first, the boys and I huddled on the floor amongst pillows, wrapped in blankets (our horrible couches were left in Milwaukee). The boys had some snacks and toys from the drive down to occupy them.
After a while we headed out back, where we found the sun warmer than inside. Thankfully, a camping chair was easy to locate in the mess of boxes in the garage.
Avery found a caterpillar and named him "Fingery"

When Avery tired of Fingery, he passed him to Carson

Carson had him all of 30 seconds when he turned around and dropped him. He couldn't find him, but thankfully was ready to move on and didn't have a fit about finding him. A good thing too, since I found this a moment later. Avery noticed it too, and asked what it was. I played dumb, and he proclaimed "I bet a caterpillar made it!" Hmm, yes...

With nothing else available to eat for breakfast, I thoroughly enjoy eating some
of the fabulous strawberry rhubarb pie my Mom made for me to bring home!

Playing off Avery's destructive nature, I excitedly told him that in our new
place he could pull some of the plants out! He thought weeding was excellent.
To this day, he enjoys keeping us weed-free.
While I was up at 6am, Travis slept until 10. What a long 4 hours, but he needed it.


Mom said...

The best thing about your moves is they have happened during good weather. Fingery would have been unavailable in February. Of course, perhaps he would rather have been unavailable in May too as things turned out.

Mom H said...

After all these years, we finally have you home. It's good that Avery has something to do to feel helpful at the new home. He seems to be the one with the memories of his great friends he left behind in Milwaukee to focus on when idle. They all adjust well though. We'll do what we can to help him make new ones and things to keep him busy.