Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last days in Milwaukee

The Thursday before graduation my parents and Travis' parents arrived. We did a lot of work finishing the last minute packing, but we had some fun too. We made a last trip to Maggiano's Italian restaurant and to a break to eat lots of Oreos with milk!

Papa has always been the one to introduce foods to my babies a little prematurely... Oreos and pop...
The mashed potatoes at Maggiano's were startling, and not enjoyed.

Travis will appreciate this...
If you're going to clean the garage and get filthy,
it's not recommended to wipe your face in the filth...

Satuday, loading day!

Avery desperately wanted to help load. I think the
hand truck weighs more than the box he has on it!

After watching him (and laughing) as he repeatedly tried to push the dolly up,
I finally gave in and told him to turn around and pull it up... success at last!

While everyone was loading the truck, I went to pick up Travis' brother Kevin from the airport. He didn't want to take off work on Friday since he'd be missing so much to help drive our stuff back, so he endured a red-eye from Oregon through Newark, NJ to get to us on Saturday before the graduation festivities began! When we got back, the truck was pretty much loaded and all the great helpers had left. Kevin took a needed break to watch some TV with Avery.

With the truck loaded, the boys were down to their mattresses,
and had their first night all three together in one room.

After all of graduation, we had our last night in Milwaukee...
and Carson decided to sleep it on the floor.


Mom said...

Avery will help load the truck. It is in the childhood book of rules under 'being part of the action'.

Grandparents will prematurely feed their grandchildren many things. It is also in the handbook. You will find it when you are a grandparent.

Mom H said...

Well said Marcella! Children will always be there to do exactly as you do to HELP! and grandparents handbook has many things that are priotary rights with lots of lattitude. When you achieve the honor it will be and grow much more.