Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spokane on the short side

While Travis, his Dad, his brother and my Dad drove across the country, the boys and I stayed in Spokane with my Mom.

We had...

...lots of fun with Grandma

...lots of fun with cousins Chloe and Jace - honest, Avery enjoyed it :)

...the boys first experience with rhubarb apparel (my Mom and her little bro had full outfits made of the leaves when they were wee little ones)

...lots of fun with my beautiful little sis, Morgan laugh when Avery discovered his hand is the same size as Chloe's let the kids line their hands up so they could all compare
(clockwise from upper left, they're in order by age, Chloe, Avery, Carson, Jace, Emmett) attempt the obligatory train discovering potato bugs get a picture with the amazing Great-Grandma Cabe (the original rhubarb designer)

We had...
So much fun!


Mom and Grandma said...

I had fun too!

Mom said...

I love Emmett's expression under the rhubarb leaf.