Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crazy Climbing Emmett

See this cute face? So adorable!

Don't be fooled...

That's the face of a trouble maker!

This is a post I've been meaning to do for some time, but with packing, then the move, it just never made it on here.

Emmett has been climbing like mad and I've been taking random pictures of him doing so since the first of April, before he turned 7 months. So this post covers from then until mid June at 9 1/2 months.

Emmett climbs on his carseat, only to roll it and get trapped

Okay, so this isn't climbing, but it was an adorable moment of his need to be in the
thick of things. It was bed time and Daddy decided to be a horse for the boys to take
them to their room. Right on cue, as if he knew exactly what they were doing, Emmett
took the lead and led them from the living room, all the way down the hall, into the
boys' room. He even stopped once to look back and make sure he was being followed.

Somehow Emmett managed to trap himself between the boys' desk and the couch

These boxes were put there to keep Emmett away
from my plants, but he desperately wanted over

He wanted over enough that only a day after I had
to add a second layer of boxes to keep him out.

Again, he pushes himself into the thick of it

When he was shoved out, he figured climbing on Daddy would work too

Exploring small spaces

Unpacking in our new home proved difficult, as he was into
everything that didn't yet have a place. This black trunk and the
kitchen chairs were supposed to be keeping him from my plants.

These boxes were supposed to be keeping him from bugging his
brothers (and eating their night light) after they went to bed.

Again, using the black trunk, this time to get things off the counter
Here, at the first of June, he had climbed onto the train table, but
then got mad because he hadn't figured out how to get back off.

This picture came right after he finally managed to get
himself out of being high centered on the chair rung

Climbing onto the bottom shelf of the plant stand

And, of course, Emmett became highly accomplished at climbing on the
couches early on too. Thankfully, in early June, he learned how to get off
them too, by bellying it feet first off. He even applies this method to the
higher height of our bed too, but holds the covers as well to help lower himself.
Our biggest trouble comes from Emmett climbing onto the kitchen table!

Emmett, you're crazy, and such a busy boy and run
me ragged - but you're just so much fun! I love you!


Nicki said...

I miss you! Those pictures of the waterfalls are amazing! Maybe Oregon will have to be added to that ongoing list of 'places I want to see before I die'

Angela said...

I've had one of those kind of kids. His name is Ethan and it doesn't get any better. Ammon's a climber too (he can get over a baby gate that hits him chest high), but at Emmett's age he was more...cautious. Xander is just happy though he seems to do things a little faster too. He can almost go from his back to his tummy.

Emily said...

Such a mischevious little monkey boy! Cute pictures! How is life treating a way over there?

Mom said...

I love that orange pumpkin climbing onto the plant stand. The only picture you missed is the one where he is trying to climb over your shoulder while you carry him.