Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hunsaker Family Reunion

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It'll be 7 years this August that I'll have been a part of the Hunsaker family. Every other year there's a reunion, but with school being the priority these past years, last weekend was my first full fledged reunion (there was a mini day trip one to the coast right before we moved to Milwaukee, but I don't think that really gave the full impression.) Not that everyone makes it to any of the reunions. This year Travis and his cousin Josh were the only two grandkids of the eight in the Salem area to come.

The reunions are based on Travis' Grandma Fay and his now passed Grandpa Don, with their five kids being the heads of houses. Each head of house takes turns planning the reunion. In two years it'll be Travis' Dad's turn. This year the reunion was at Two Rivers Resort north of Davenport, WA.

One of the stops to fix some brake lights gave Avery and Damon a fun break.

Time for a cold boy to change into his pjs!

That same stop had this cool old wagon

That first day, Friday, it was 104 degrees! So we had some
needed fun on the rivers. Avery jumped in Damon's boat...

...while Carson and I went with Travis and his Dad in the little smokercraft

Sweet, cool relief

Time for some tubing!

I took Avery

After only those two runs on the tube, we were sidetracked by a great little beach we found.
Carson's not too into the water, so he played on the beach mostly

We tied the tube off to a log and the kids had fun floating out

The beach was so great, the guys went back and
got DeAnna, Emmett and Great Grandma Fay

Emmett loved the water, especially when we put
the life jacket on him and really took him swimming

From our little beach we could see this sand cliff

So Ben, Travis and Josh had to mark our territory

Back on land, Emmett was trouble. Between trying to eat everything on the
ground and his climbing antics, like trying to go down the motor home stairs... it any wonder he spent most of his time here:

Avery sustained a dreadful, nearly fatal injury (badly scraped knees of course)

but he managed to live to make more trouble

And, because I love pictures of my kids, here are a few more from Friday evening :)

Saturday we revisited our beach. This time we brought out Tim and Ryanna and boys. Josh got
the giant tube patched and a few runs were managed on it, until Travis and I were on it for a bit
and the patch failed. We were hauled in smashed together in the middle of a giant V of plastic.


Awake. Quick, get him before he eats the sand!

These bees liked our beach too. I found a few on the
sand that I scooped and flung in the brush behind us

Sunday, time to go!

On the drive home, Mt. Hood was probably more
clear than I've ever seen it coming through the gorge.

We stopped at Bonneville Dam to give the kids a break.

Avery, Damon and Joel say hello to Herman

The view from above

Carson was asleep while we went to see Herman and thankfully didn't wake up until
right as we got back to the motor homes so Travis walked around a little with him.

What a crazy trip!

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Mom said...

I wonder how long your cliff will remain legible. I love the collage photos of the boys. Avery is so excited to be alive and participate in EVERYTHING. It's a wonder that the near death experience was only scraped knees with that 1 1/2 wheel ride on the walker. I laugh everytime at look at that. Travis smiled about as big as I have ever seen him on that tube. My favorites are Carson laying in the grass so intent on something and Emmett at the wheel ready to take everyone where ever they needed to go 'but make it snappy'.