Friday, July 31, 2009

While Big Boys Sleep

Today Avery and Carson fell asleep on the couch together.
How cute are they!

But just after they fell asleep, Emmett woke up from his nap, so instead
of getting any work done I had some nice one on one time with Emmett.

We stayed in Emmett's room to play, otherwise he'd just climb all over his brothers.

Denied his brothers, he tried to climb out his window.

I love how babies sit.
I love their little piggies sticking out.
I love Emmett's downy soft head.
I love his cute neck, I just want to kiss it!

Ooh, Mom has something interesting...

I think I better test its edibility.

Later, after ripping my necklace off, Emmett headed to do damage in our room.

More climbing necessary of course.

Then, it was past time his brothers should be awake, so I took Emmett to do the job. He tried,
he really did, but Carson was just too tired. Notice the drool? That whole shoulder was wet.

How nice it was to have some quiet time just with Emmett!


Mindy said...

What a crazy climber? You make sure you keep all the windows shut!

Amy and the boys said...

That first shot is just adorable! And what a cute baby you have. It's been so long since Spencer was a baby...

Mom said...

When the boys sleep so do Monkey and Curious George. It must be really quiet. Looks like Emmett must have sticky toes to be able to climb that chair.