Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heat Wave

Mon-Wed we had a heat wave here with temperatures at 103, 107 and 106. Each was a record for that day, but the all time record here is 108. I know that's not so terrible in some places, but in the northwest not everyone has air conditioning since the number of days over 90 is limited, so it can be a real issue. In fact, the longest streak of days at 90 or above in Salem is 8 and we only average 15 a year! Enough about weather stats (I'm a dork and find them interesting). Anyway, thankfully, we do have air conditioning!

You'd think of all days, those would be the ones I would keep the kids indoors for, yet in my ridiculous head I thought that was the time to set up their kiddie pool. Actually, our deck stays mostly shaded throughout the day, so it wasn't too bad, plus I think we're all still acclimated to the humidity of Milwaukee so we weren't nearly as bothered as I thought we would be.

The nice cool water didn't just draw the boys... it also drew the bugs! I don't recall seeing a red dragonfly around here before, but just as soon as I started filling the pool, this guy showed up and was a frequent, extended visitor all 3 days of the heat! The boys loved watching him.

They didn't love these visitors nearly as much:

This is just a funny shot because Carson was having some issue with his
belly (he probably got it wet - oh no!) when next thing I knew the boys
were comparing their bellies. Way to distract him from the issue Avery!


Mindy said...

So I thought that dragonfly was so neat and looked it up on wikipedia. I thought it looked most like the Trithemis kirbyi but the list of locations it lives seems more exotic and the US is not listed. You should check it out. Your photo is just stunning, especially with the contrast.

Mom said...

One must compare bellies. It is a crucial chapter in the life of a boy (or girl).