Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coast Vacation Day 1

The last time Travis and I had a night without kids was back in May 2005 when Avery was 5 months old and we went to Milwaukee to look for a place to live. I wouldn't call that much of a vacation, it was stressful. Our last real vacation, just us, was our honeymoon seven years ago! After moving back to Salem, we really wanted to go on a trip, just to the coast, for our 7th anniversary in August, but the summer was so crazy that there was no way it could happen. Finally, last weekend, we had our vacation. Oct 2-4th, two blissful nights at the coast.

Day 1: We are delayed in leaving due to Carson having a fever and complaining of ear pain. We get him to the doctor and no ear ache. "Sorry you don't feel good Carson, but bye!" Between the weather forecast of 50% chance rain all weekend and that bummer start to the day, we were worried what omens those might be of the weekend.

We got to the hotel in time for an evening walk on the beach. The sky was so clear and it wasn't that chilly!

I like chasing birds.

King of the mountain.

We wanted to head to those far rocks, (the ones close to the beach right next to Travis) but too bad the tide was almost all the way in at that point, so we didn't get to see around them.

Getting closer

We spot some life! Tiny anemones.

Pretty in pink

Watch for jellies!

Change of direction


Same king?

After our walk on the beach we had dinner at Blackfish Cafe, a great place we last went to for my birthday when we were still engaged. Of course I had to have a cup of their clam chowder, then I had some amazing cavatapi with smoked salmon and capers and Travis had the best fish and chips ever. They were both served with tiny flowers on them. Knowing me, I'm surprised I didn't take pictures.

The weather was perfect that first evening, but then there was a big downpour overnight. We both woke to it and wondered if day two weather would cooperate...

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Angela said...

Beautiful! I miss the coast.