Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Festivities

Dressing up for Halloween started this year at a fun Halloween Party Playgroup.

Chewbacca was adorable

Chewbacca was supposed to, most fittingly, be a monkey, but I waited too long to buy
him a costume and then couldn't find one. We did spot this one and only Chewbacca
costume and Travis thought it would be unique and funny. Not being Star Wars people,
I wasn't so sure, but after dressing Emmett up, I had to admit he was pretty adorable.

Bumblebee was pretty standoffish, I think because he was definitely
older than the other kids, otherwise I don't know what his deal was.

And we found out that skeletons really like frosting.

The night before Halloween, Travis and I went to a great party. I was a witch but somehow forgot to get in front of the camera which for a change I'm actually sad about - I thought I was a pretty good looking witch! And Travis was lacking in creativity and spirit, so I made an easy suggestion for him. I think all our friends from dental school - or any dentist for that matter - would agree that this costume is plenty scary:

Halloween night I took Bumblebee and the skeleton out trick-or-treating with cousin
kitty while Travis stayed home to answer the door with Chewbacca. When we got back
and tried to take pictures we discovered the skeleton doesn't like to share his loot.

So we got Chewie his own bucket

Chewie also thoroughly enjoyed Bumblebee's mask.

Happy Halloween!

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Aaron and Kristel said...

Those are some cute Halloween costumes! However, Chewie wins my vote for sure! He is so dang cute!