Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where did the third tooth go?

Yesterday Avery was finishing his sandwich for lunch and came over to Travis saying, "It feels like there's something bony in here"
He was chewing on a tooth! That's his third lost tooth now. The lower central right one (if you're looking at him) to be exact.
Then he swallowed it.
Now what?!
Well, turns out the Tooth Fairy came anyway. When I asked Avery if she still came even though he didn't leave her a tooth, he said "yeah" like it was no big deal. I decided to impress upon him that he's very lucky she still came with no tooth actually offered to her and that I bet he only gets one freebie like that, so be sure and not swallow any more teeth!!!
Travis is now calling him a toothless hillbilly.

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