Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sublimity Harvest Fest Parade

I forgot to post about the Sublimity Harvest Fest! It's been so busy and crazy here and I've had so many projects on the computer to do. So, back on Sept. 11 we were in the Sublimity Harvest Fest parade and I surprised Avery with inviting his best friend Avalyn to come along (as well as her brother Mason and Mom Nikee).
Avery,Avalyn,Mason,Harvest Fest

Our float got 3rd place this year. We got 1st last year, but if we don't hardly change the float it leaves me surprised we even got 3rd.
Harvest Fest

But that's okay, we'll take it!
Ben,Julie,Harvest Fest

Emmett likes "driving" the tractor
Emmett,Harvest Fest

Julie does too.
Julie,Ben,Harvest Fest

I seriously love taking Avalyn's picture, she's such a little model!
Avalyn,Harvest Fest

It didn't take long for the kids to get into the candy.
Avery,Avalyn,Harvest Fest

Carson,Harvest Fest

Sweet Julie and Mom Katrina
Katrina,Julie,Harvest Fest

Such eyes...
Julie,Harvest Fest

Waiting for our turn, watching other floats go by
Harvest Fest

And the monster trucks go by
Avalyn,Avery,Harvest Fest

A picture of me! Amazing. (Thanks Nikee)
Carson,Laurie,Harvest Fest

Really, no one could avoid pointing a camera at this lovely face, right?
Avalyn,Harvest Fest

Avalyn,Harvest Fest

Avalyn,Harvest Fest

Since we all wore our John Deere gear, Mr. E wore his new hat he got for his birthday.
Emmett,Harvest Fest

Look at Julie go!
Kevin,Julie,Harvest Fest

Uncle Kevin accidentally beaned Avery in the eye with a little water bottle.
Kevin,Avery,Harvest Fest

"Are you okay?"
Kevin,Avery,Harvest Fest

"Here, lets cool it off with the water"
Kevin,Avery,Harvest Fest

"Are you kidding me, get away, you dirty rat!"
Avery,Harvest Fest

"I said stay away!"
Kevin,Avery,Harvest Fest

Avery and Kevin are a lot alike, which of course means Avery can idolize him and hate him within the space of 2 breaths.

He managed to heal up enough to take some pictures with his girl.
Avalyn,Avery,Harvest Fest

Funny, if they know each other as adults, their heights would probably still be about that proportion.
Avalyn,Avery,Harvest Fest

When we got back to our house after the parade, Avalyn got to stay a while and play. Avalyn and Carson are hiding from Avery here in a rousing game of hide-n-seek.

What a fun day!


Mindy said...

It's so nice someone took a picture of you. I bet Avery will like Avalyn and she will like Carson...isn't that how things go sometimes?

Aaron and Kristel said...

I love that picture of you... you look beautiful! I love this post lots of fun and cute pictures! :)