Friday, September 24, 2010

Tractor Pulls and Monster Trucks

Last year we watched the monster trucks and tractor pulls at the Sublimity Harvest Fest on both Saturday and Sunday, but this year we just went Sunday since the tickets are uber-expensive for Saturday and Sunday is when the non-pro (a.k.a. Ben and Travis) do their tractor pulls.

Emmett spends a lot of time looking cranky when he's really not.
Emmett,Monster Trucks

Avery was happy to get to hang out with cousin Damon
Avery,Damon,Monster Trucks

Then it was time for Travis to do his very first tractor pull! The idiot announcer introduced and talked about some other guy during Travis' pull and didn't realize his mistake until Travis was done.
Travis,Tractor Pull,Monster Trucks

Later it was Ben's turn. Ben got 2nd in his class.
Ben,Tractor Pull,Monster Trucks

As soon as Daddy came back to the stands Emmett passed out and slept through a lot of noise. At least he woke up in time to see some of the monster trucks.
Travis,Emmett,Monster Trucks

The really big gun tractor pulls don't just pull the sled (the blue thing) but also the dead weight of two other tractors!
Tractor Pull,Monster Trucks

Avery, the lucky kid, got something thrown in the crowd again. He wore his shirt he got last year (all three boys wore their "monster truck shirts"), and this year he got the exact same shirt (still 36th Annual) but in an adult large and a hat.
Avery,Monster Trucks

He thinks he's pretty cool.
Avery,Monster Trucks

This isn't kissy enough to be Blue Steel (a la Zoolander), butI think it has the same feel...
Carson,Monster Trucks

Then it was time for monster trucks!
Monster Trucks

Everyone thought he would tip backwards right here (he was!) but somehow he slowly toppled it back forward!
Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks

Excuse me, is this your tailgate?

Sublimity Harvest Fest 2010 Monster Trucks from Laurie H on Vimeo.

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