Thursday, September 2, 2010

Turtle Wax

What's on your nose Emmett?

You heard me, what's on your nose?

And on your hands and shirt and shorts and leg...

Oh. Super.

Like Saturday when we were trying to work on our backyard and Emmett ended up across the creek, last night we were working on the backyard again when Emmett showed up like that. My inspection found the turtle wax. After quite some time cleaning up, and then going inside to wash my hands, I came back out to bring all the boys inside. When I grabbed Emmett's hand I found they were light green and gooey. I figured it was just from him playing in the spot where I had tried to wash off some that dripped on the RV pad.
In the time I went inside to wash my hands he went back in the garage and got the car wash (a light green) out and started dumping it.
Thanks Emmett.
Does it ever stop?

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