Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sublimity Harvest Fest Part 1: Parade

We had a full weekend at the Sublimity Harvest Festival! This is part one, covering the Saturday morning parade.

Our float won first place (for a full picture of the set up, see the Aumsville Corn Festival post)

The Hunsaker boys having a laugh (Ben, Kevin, Jon, Travis)

Carson's still not sure about being on the trailer.

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Katrina tried to keep Carson happy and waving at the crowd.

Emmett really liked the floss we were throwing out

After the parade, we parked it in this field to clean up where the kids found a baseball and had fun pretending to play baseball.
Emmett says, "I want to play!"

Rookie of the Year!

Emmett was having too much fun running with the big kids to notice his poor bare feet.


Dandelions don't taste as good as they look apparently

Always with the climbing...

When I first looked at this picture on my computer I thought "WOW look at those baby blues!" and then I remembered what I noticed after taking the picture at the time, "WHAT is in/on his mouth!?" Answer: a dirty rock from the infield.

Time to rinse!

What a fun morning! Ever since, Avery's been asking when the next parade is. What, three in a summer isn't enough for you?!

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Mom said...

Emmett, Emmett, Emmett. Busy, busy, busy, floss, dandelions, rocks.....

I really like the shot of Emmett peaking under the tractor. I like the 'rookie' photo too and what you did with the color.