Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where Kitty?

How did this happen? Let's rewind a little...

While working in the backyard on Saturday we suddenly realized Emmett was gone. "Travis you left the front gate open!" Actually, he had it completely off it's hinges for legitimate work reasons. "Go look out front!" I went to check inside. After canvasing the house and coming back out I spotted him. He was in the neighbors backyard that backs against ours but is separated from us by the creek.

He was petting their kitty.
He was not about to listen and come back when there was a kitty to be petted.

Travis had to climb down the retaining wall, climb down into the dry creek bed full of cut blackberry vines, climb up the slope on the other side, grab him and come back. Emmett did it a second time a little later. That second time, as Travis trespassed in their backyard, he got to meet the neighbor (who's nice and completely understanding).

Fast forward to yesterday. I'm chatting with Carson about who knows what when he suddenly throws in "Well, Emmett's outside."
"What!" Commence running during which I call back "Where outside?!"
"The backyard"
There he is on the other side of the creek, inspecting the empty kiddie pools. At least he listened and came right back when I called (due to no kitty in sight.) Unfortunately, after all the nice weather we've had it had rained that morning so it was all muddy.

He slid down the slope from the neighbors yard then needed some guidance finding the spot he could climb up on our side which is a lot steeper.

Up he comes

Yes Emmett, whatever you're saying, now just get up here!

Thank you. Those aren't you're shorts, no wonder they're falling off.

I had to text Travis about it, so I took this with my phone to send him. So there we have it. That's how you get muddy socks (left from church the day before) and scraped up shins. Was he upset? No he was perfectly content and just asked me, "Where kitty?"


Jocelyn said...

Oh my! What are you going to do with that kiddo? I am curious in the scenario when you're running out the door after Carson told you he was out there, when you found time to grab your camera . . .

At least when he's older and complains about his kids' antics, you can tell him he deserves every last bit of it!

Mom said...

The hard hat just seems so appropriate here.

Have you thought about a leash. Probably wouldn't work. He'd find something to cut it with, make a lasso to pull things closer, attach a grappling hook for better climbing.....ah yes, you are the Mom. You get the picture. It's just that his pictures and imagination are better than yours right now.