Thursday, October 14, 2010


I feel like we've been terribly negligent to not have gotten Avery a bike yet, but he finally has one! A friend was getting rid of some stuff which included this great quality boys bike, perfect for Avery and it will last him a long time. An unexpected bonus - it's his favorite color: orange!
Since this bike isn't really meant for training wheels, Travis had to do quite a bit of engineering on them to fit the bike. Funny thing, Avery's creeping up on 6 years old now and we've finally gotten him a bike, yet when Travis was just 5 he took the initiative and got into his Dad's tools all on his own, got a crescent wrench and took his own training wheels off. Seriously, that man was born mechanically inclined.

Now Avery's one happy camper! Actually I guess he giving off the too-cool-for-school vibe here.

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Mom said...

Just chillin' with dad and soaking up everything he is doing. Never too cool for school but always for drool!