Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Strange Balloon Request

On Saturday Avery's aunt Megan was giving horse rides with her pony club at a local pumpkin patch. Papa and Grandma picked up Avery and cousin Alli for a fun afternoon out there. One of the things they got there was a balloon shape. Alli asked for a pumpkin and got a cute little one. When Avery's turn came the balloon guy was met with probably one of the craziest little kid requests ever:

"I want a brown butterfly getting eaten by a snake."

"Um, okay, I'll try..."

So here's Avery with his balloon masterpiece when he got home.

Here are a few of Grandma's pictures from the outing.






Laura said...

That is hilarious!!

Aaron and Kristel said...

What a funny guy! Those are such cute picture of Avery.. I'm still in disbelief with how grown up he is??....

Mom said...

I think a larger model John Deere might be in order.

Angela said...

I just asked Ethan what Avery's balloon looked like. He said a Butterfly witha snake wrapped around it. So Ethan got it. The balloon guy did good and Ethan thought it was cool.

Mindy said...

Pretty impressive balloon...and request. Wow. What an imagination!