Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breakfast Of Champions

Caught! And after only one bite too.

Travis and I were still being lazy in bed on this Saturday morning when Avery came running in to tell on Emmett.
At least Emmett has good taste (mmm, chocolate peanut butter ice cream...) Honestly I wanted to grab a spoon and join him. It would have been such a fun deviation for all the boys to let that happen, but I just couldn't reinforce Emmett thinking it's okay to get in the freezer on his own.

I forgot to post it, but this incident reminded me of a few weeks ago when I came downstairs from changing the laundry so we could got pick the boys up from school and Emmett met me at the bottom of the stairs just like this (who know's where his pants were?) My iPhone was conveniently at hand. I think I might really have gotten a spoon that time and joined in if it weren't for needing to leave for school right away! And no, he did not eat all that frosting, it was a partially used container in the fridge.


Mom said...

I'm going to eat breakfast with Emmett. Chocolate peanut butter is my favorite.

Mindy said...

The kid has good taste! Can you blame him for that?!