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Baltimore Day 1: Part 1 National Museum Of Dentistry

At the end of April Travis and I went to Baltimore, MD. Travis was attending a two day dental seminar on Friday and Saturday and I got to play tourist. We decided to arrive Wednesday so we could have all day Thursday to explore together first. In researching what we could do there together I found out the National Museum of Dentistry was there. I thought about not sharing that bit of info that probably wouldn't be the most exciting stop for me, but decided to be a good wife and tell him. So, of course, that was the first stop on Thursday.

One really nice thing about the trip was the weather. While it was muggy, it was sunny and warm and the idea of it being shorts weather was awesome! What a great change from Oregon's rainy spring!

But first a look at our hotel, the Hampton Inn that we stayed at. Part of the lobby:
Baltimore Hampton Inn

More lobby
Baltimore Hampton Inn

We stayed on the top floor of the hotel and this was the grand hallway up there. Our room was not actually in this hallway, but right next to it. Our room was supposed to be as nice as some of the rooms in this hallway too but when we arrived we were informed that our big jacuzzi was not working. So instead they offered to compensate us for up to $100 on a nice meal, just bring them a single receipt before the end of our stay.
Baltimore Hampton Inn

Here's the room:
Baltimore Hampton Inn

It was pretty roomy! The mirror on the right of this picture is a large door to a big closet as well.
Baltimore Hampton Inn

We decided to take advantage of the $100 comp with a meal in which we could enjoy more variety with some appetizers and dessert (neither of which we often get) instead of trying to find a super expensive restaurant. So we headed over the the Hard Rock Cafe in the Power Plant on the Inner Harbor.
Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

The bar
Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

Okay so we didn't just get dessert, we got a few desserts to share! I saved half of my dinner for lunch the next day but all that dessert was so much! The little shooters were so rich that we couldn't even finish them. We left having eaten way too much but it was so good.
Hard Rock Cafe

A statue on Harbor Bridge Walk right outside the Hard Rock. Besides my leftover food, Travis is carrying the Hard Rock hurricane glasses that came with the specialty drinks we ordered.

Thursday morning we headed out to the National Museum of Dentistry. Travis adds his smile to the "guestbook" of smiles.
National Dental Museum, Travis

What some cultures think looks good... This charming gentlemen belongs to the Bantu Indian tribe in Africa.
taboo teeth

Jaw of an 8 year old to demonstrate the underlying permanent tooth buds.
8yr old jaw

All kinds of teeth
animal skulls

Cooky and corny old tooth related commercials and the like in this mouth jukebox.
mouth jukebox

A selection of many very old toothbrushes.
old toothbrushes

Using an old Egyptian style, these two are using gold wire to hold natural teeth in place of missing ones.
old Egyptian style bridges

The toothworm strikes! From 18th-century French sculptures, these replicas show the toothworm devouring a man on the left and equating the torment of a toothache with the fires of hell on the right.
French sculpture of toothworm

Not your average pocket knife!
pocket knife dental instrument

Jadeite and turquoise inlayed teeth of the Maya.
Mayan turquoise inlayed teeth

A skull with some of these inlayed teeth, circa A.D. 900.
Mayan skull turquoise inlayed teeth

You know the phrase "bite the bullet?" Well, here's a musket ball found in Baltimore from the War of 1812 with teeth marks in it from probably several poor souls trying to survive surgery!
bitten bullet

Travis reading what they have to say about G.V. Black who looks on. He has a whole corner to himself along with a replica of his office because he's known as the "Father of Modern Dentistry."
National Dental Museum, G.V. Black

Travis checking out the table in G.V. Black's office.
National Dental Museum, Travis

Since he couldn't very well hop over and take a pic with G.V. Black, flossing him was the clear alternative.
flossing G.V. Black

Remember the tale that George Washington had wooding teeth? Not so. These are some examples of actual wooden dentures (I believe from Asia but now I can't remember) and those are nails in the back for chewing surfaces rather than molars.
wooden teeth

Here are replicas of George Washington's dentures which were made of ivory. The one on the back pedestal had several human teeth including one of George's own, the others had ivory teeth.
George Washington's dentures

Travis flossing with George.
flossing with George Washington

George and I getting familiar.
Laurie and George Washington

And lastly, Travis flossing by the front entrance sign. There's a board in his office of pictures of flossing from all over, so Travis was doing his part to add more and from a new location.
Travis, National Dental Museum

After the Museum we walked to Westminster Hall where Edgar Allen Poe's headstone is.
Westminster Hall Baltimore, MD

Here's Edgar Allen Poe's famous headstone as well as the marker of his original burial place.
Edgar Allen Poe grave marker headstone

Also in the cemetery was this raised marble grave marker that's warping.
Westminster Hall burial grounds

Here's the marker right next to it.
Westminster Hall

The path along the warped marble marker is pretty warped too! It was hard to walk on.
Westminster Hall burial grounds

After Westminster Hall we started our walk back. Along the way we worked our way toward this clock tower that was a dominate feature of the cityscape.
Baltimore clock tower

Turns out it belongs to the Baltimore City Fire Department.
Baltimore City Fire Department

Next up, the National Aquarium.

This post covered the red markers and half the red route.

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Map Key
red - pt 1 - Day 1 National Museum Of Dentistry
yellow - pt 2 - Day 1 National Aquarium
blue - pt 3 - Day 2 Architecture, Walter's Art Museum
aqua - pt 4 - Day 2(3) Churches
green - pt 5 - Day 3 The Inner Harbor and War Related Sites
Lines: my day tours, there are no lines for our evening/night outings or my day 3 afternoon shopping.

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