Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New Park

Considering all the park time Carson and Emmett got while Avery was in school and we took Grandma to physical therapy, Avery was getting jealous! Once a week Avery's good friend Zachary from Kindergarten comes over so on this particular day we had lunch and then went to the new park near our house for the first time. Carson and Emmett were lucky because that made double park time that day since that morning had been one of their trips during a physical therapy appointment.

This new park is crazy! There's a small play structure that's more typical for the little guys, but the rest of it is all new to me!
Here's the skateboard thing.
Avery, Zachary

Zachary's mom gives commentary in this. She had just arrived, hence the "wow" about this crazy park.

This "disc" thing spins and all these kids were hilarious trying to work it together.
Zachary, Emmett, Carson, Avery

I heard Emmett whining and just missed with the camera a very funny scene. Emmett kept sticking his feet in these holes and getting them stuck. The funny scene was as I came around the structure I caught a glimpse of both his feet hanging one each out of those two holes. What an awkward way to get stuck! He managed to slip the bottom one out and I took this picture after he got himself righted, then I had to help him free his top foot.

Carson had a lot of fun in this seat, and gave me this funny pose for a picture.

Here's what the seat does:

There's a lot of spinning things at this playground and this one I've internally deemed the spinning sail since it reminds me of a wind-surfing sail.

Emmett wanted a ride

but then he just stood there staring at it and missed his chance. Notice also the rope obstacle course in the background. Whatever happened to a good ol' big swirly slide and monkey bars?

A fun, if strange, park. I'm glad we have one so near our home, too bad the walking distance is completely negated by it being up a super steep hill! We'll have to stick to the park by our elementary school for walking visits.


Mom said...

WOW! I want to go to this park! It's worth being jealous over. I thought Carson was asleep in that chair. It would be like him.

Laura said...

Where, oh where, is this park? So cool!!

Melinda said...

That's a SWEET park! I love that the kids have to do more to make the climbing things do cooler stuff. Keeps them thinking. Definitely need to find something like that around here!