Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy And Sad

I am a lucky member of a great book club. Here we all are together last week for a party outside of book club. A party both happy and sad.
Anne, Dawn, Cindy, Alicia, Wendy, Carrie, Amy, Kari, Jocelyn, Heather, Becca, Marilyn, Shanda, Crystal and me.
book club

A happy part of the celebration was having an adoption shower for Shanda and their handsome little 4 year old they just adopted.

As befits a party thrown by a book club, Mr. Man walked away with a library! I loved how his tongue would poke out in concentration!

He also came away with a great quilt made by Carrie!
Shanda, Carrie

So we all enjoyed watching the gift giving.
Dawn, Heather

Crystal, Marilyn

Becca, Carrie, Cindy

And we enjoyed some good food and conversation.
Jocelyn, Alicia

And then we celebrated a special member of our club. Alicia moved away this weekend to a situation that will be great for their family, but we will all miss her! Alicia has been an important member of creating an annual Favorite Things party, so we surprised her with a mini Favorite Things party for her.

These three amigas were close and I know they will particularly miss each other.
Carrie, Alicia, Kari

I'm thankful I have gained such lovely friends since our move here and can be part of such a great group of ladies.

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CarrieM said...

Thanks for such a lovely post and tribute to our book club. I'm so glad that you joined. It just wouldn't be right without you in it! I really appreciate you taking the lovely, high quality photos of the event, it was really important to me.