Monday, July 18, 2011


When we built our gate last year I wanted it and the fence stained soon after. The gate I wanted stained soon so it wouldn't bleach in the sun and turn ugly gray. The fence was already long since greyed and dirty. Looking at the gate blog post, the ugly grey fence is easy to see since I didn't get a before shot for this post. In any case, we did not get the staining done last year, much to my annoyance. So a week and a half ago I asked Travis if anything was going on that weekend. At his negative reply, I said, "Great! we're staining the fence and gate this weekend then!" Actually, I listed a few other things I wanted done too, but the staining took the whole weekend.
So Friday morning we picked up the needed supplies and that day Travis used the cleaner on the fence and gate. The results of the cleaner were astounding! The fence looked nearly like new boards with some of the color back in them. The gate was no where near as bad as the fence, but the south facing side of the gate had bleached to a light grey. With the cleaner, the color came back to to it as well.

We chose a stain that would match the color of the pressure treated posts in the fence. Here's the big gate finished and the little one still to do.

I had to tape off the rails on this side of the gate and use a paintbrush while Travis used a spray gun on the rest of the fencing.

Almost done!

The gate and fence look so much better now and this last weekend we did another little project. I'm sick of the boys playing in the dirt in this little section next to the rv pad, so Travis added the pressure treated boards along the base of the fence and stapled up some garden fabric to keep dirt from leaking under the boards. Then the dirt was raked out evenly and we added river rock. It looks great and no more dirt! Now we just need to take care of the dirt section on the side of the house in the previous picture. A shed will be going in there.
I look at that picture and can't believe how great it looks compared to before!

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Mom said...

Another project to check off on your summer list. Awesome!